Sharing my dreams and hopes with another is important for me


I enjoy going to events with someone close


I consider myself a private person


Friendship adds a lot to my well-being


I dislike it when people ask what I'm feeling


My need for companionship is strong


I like taking vacations alone


I prefer emotional boundaries between myself and others


I am usually tuned in to others' feelings


Having an intimate relationship isn't important for me

Your result is:
You're Low on Need for Companionship
Of course, you may like many people and enjoy friendships, but you typically keep such relationships light and casual. Privacy means a lot to you. From your perspective, personal space and relationship boundaries are important. You'll do best with one who shares this view.    
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Your result is:
You Have a Moderate Need for Companionship
You value privacy and boundaries as much as you do soul-baring with someone close. Staying firmly set on middle ground, you enjoy both intimacy and some personal space. An person who has an equal mix of both is your best fit for a love match.
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Your result is:
You're High on Need for Companionship
It's important for your daily well-being for you to share your hopes, disappointments, and dreams with someone emotionally close to you. Friendships really enhance your well-being. You crave soulful depth with others. The more you can achieve it with someone you care about, the happier you'll be.
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