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Dating over the years has become very modernized. You no longer have to meet people at events and other social gatherings, now you can turn on your tablet, laptop or smart phone and meet potential partners online. No more hi my name is Susie, would you like to go out Friday night awkwardness – instead you can scroll, at your leisure, the potential dates in your pool.

Remember the saying, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Well guess what, whoever made up that saying couldn’t be more right. 40 million people use online dating; which equates to 40% of the entire U.S. population. Online dating provides a sense of security and variety.

Online users know that their potential matches, online, are more compatible than if they met someone at a party or the grocery store. Dating websites allow members to sort through thousands and thousands of candidates and pick a potential partner. Rather than meeting one person at a time and going on date after date, online dating provides a variety of possibilities. In addition, you already know that the person wants to date, rather than having to test the waters and see if someone is available or even interested.

A recent study reported that one in three Americans meet their spouse online. Researchers also evaluated divorce rates amongst Americans and found that couples who met online had lower divorce rates than couples who met offline.

5.96% of online marriages ended in divorce, while 7.67% of offline marriages ended in divorce. Many analysts believe that online dating provides a forum for single adults to “test” the waters without having to go through the mundane dating scene, emotional stress and social awkwardness. Users can determine what is important and find people conveniently, rather than aimlessly searching and waiting for fate to step in.

Based on the numbers, online dating is a growing trend and proves that it is not for the un-datable. Online dating provides users with accessibility and increases the chances of an individual finding their soul mate. Everyone has someone out there that is their true love; online dating may be your way to finding that special someone.

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