I am from Sacramento. On Saturday, June 24, my husband and I attended "I Still Do" for the first time, at the Arco Arena. It was very powerful and inspirational to me. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have four very wonderful children. Through our years together, we have had our good times and our really bad times.

Things started going downhill when my father passed away five years ago. I couldn't accept his death, and at that time my husband didn't know what the right thing to say to me was during my crisis. I had given up on everything, our marriage, and our children.

As the years went by, things started getting worse. I held in the anger because I felt that he wasn't there for me, so I turned to someone else for companionship. It was the biggest mistake of my life, but with what I was going through, I thought that was the answer for me. As my husband and I started to drift apart from each other, the subject of divorce was at hand. And at that time, he too was lonely, for I wasn't there for him, as a wife or a mother to our children. So he to turned to someone else to fill in the loneliness that he was feeling.

To make a long story short, I told him of my affair and he told me of his. It was so hard for me to accept and forgive him for what he had done. When we said our wedding vows, he had told me that he would never hurt me or leave my side, and that was something I had always kept in my heart.

He said that he has forgiven me, but for some reason it is hard for me to forgive him, but since we went to "I Still Do" and listened on how to forgive and be a better person by having stronger faith, I felt as if all the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Our communication will be open to all things that are going on in our lives. And for myself, I will be a better wife to him, and go to him when I am feeling down or hurt or if something is bothering me. I know this will take time, but I don't want to lose him again, so we will both be working on how to learn on how to trust each other again.

For me, the part that really touched me was when we both said our marriage vows at the end of "I Still Do." I felt like I did 12 years ago when I said "I do" for the very first time. We both cried, and there was happiness within us that we have not felt in a very long time. When we went home, we told our children of the covenant we had made and that we will be a closer family from now on.

I know there will times when things just won't go the way we will want them, but together we will learn to be strong and have a lot of faith and understanding, and we will learn to solve the problem without having to argue or be bitter toward one another.

For us, "I Still Do" was a day that brought us closer together, and when we realized "that there is such a thing as a second chance."

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