We are taught as Christians that prayer is the most powerful way to experience God, but we often fall short. Too often, prayer is an afterthought or a last resort when things are going south in our marriage and all other options have been exhausted. It’s easy for prayer to get lost in our daily routines and schedules. But when we commit ourselves to God, including our marriages, He is waiting to show us things beyond our imaginations. Our marriages can only be transformed when we begin to make a commitment to pray for and with our spouses. When we work at our prayer lives daily in our marriage, and make it a point to be accountable with God, we enter a space of full vulnerability and openness to receive God’s work in our marriage.

Prayer is more personal and powerful when we accept prayer not as a daily or daunting task, but as a way of life. When we strive for closeness not only with our spouse, but closeness with God, we can ultimately deal with the everyday challenges we face. Pray that God will help and guide your marriage. Ask God to teach you and your spouse how to pray together so you can have the marriage He intends for you to have.