On Christian foreplay:

"Men, if you want to do something that your wife will find sexy and sensual, try this simple act of foreplay: Pray with her. I don't mean saying grace before dinner, nor do I mean asking God to bless Grandma and Grandpa and your dog Skippy. I mean really pray with her... Thank God for her beauty, her charm, her friendship, and faithfulness. And praise God for giving you the privilege of sharing in His beautiful gift of sexual intimacy with her."

--From Sacred Sex, by Tim Alan Gardner

On oral sex:

"Remember that Scripture is silent on the topic of oral sex. You as mates will have to sort and pray through certain behaviors as you choose what to include in your repertoire of love-making. Never make your mate feel guilty or inhibited because he or she does not feel comfortable with a given behavior."

--From A Celebration of Sex for Newlyweds, by Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau

On sexual slang:

"Your pet names for body parts and secret vocabulary shared by only the two of you contain a lot of slam and euphemisms...As Christians, however, we must be careful to avoid the very negative attitudes and ideas about sex that society over the centuries has incorporated into slang...It doesn't take much imagination to understand when clients talk about "Big John" or "Shamu" wanting to "dive into your pool."

--From A Celebration of Sex for Newlyweds, by Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau

On pleasure:

"Pleasure is an interesting word. Somehow it almost does not seem to fit within Christian values. It feels self-centered and sinful. The truth of the matter is that God gave us our sensuality to enjoy..I've know Christians to worry about the word erotic..One-flesh lovers are erotic in the best and strongest sense of the word."

--From A Celebration of Sex for Newlyweds, by Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau

On vibrators:

"To find out if the use of a vibrator is right or wrong, let's apply the three questions. Is the use of a vibrator prohibited by Scripture? Is a vibrator beneficial to lovemaking? Does the use of a vibrator involve anyone else?..There is no scriptural reference that would prohibit the use of a vibrator. So if a vibrator enhances a couple's lovemaking and is used exclusively for the couple's private enjoyment, then it is permitted."

--From Intimate Issues, by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus

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