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Love is not easy, and the Bible does not try to hide that fact. In the pages of scripture, we learn of couples who faced heartache, temptation, trial, and sin but were able to overcome with God's help. They were able to find growth, repentance, and grace. The couples in the Bible show us the importance of trusting in God and that love can conquer all. Read these stories and take home their lessons so that your marriage can grow stronger.

Zechariah and Elizabeth

Despite their old age, Zechariah and Elizabeth sought to serve God faithfully. They prayed to God and asked Him for a child. One day while Zechariah was serving as a priest, Zechariah got a message from an angel. God was going to give the couple a son! They were elated but suffered from some doubts of faith. Elizabeth was initially scared to tell others about her pregnancy, and Zechariah temporarily was mute because of his lack of faith. Once their child was born, they saw God's plan come to life. After having waited for so many years, they finally had the son they always dreamed of. They named him John, as God requested. Zechariah and Elizabeth stuck by each other and surrendered themselves to God despite not ever knowing His plans for them. Such surrender is something you should learn together as a couple. While there may be bumps in the road, as Zechariah and Elizabeth discovered, you can always return to your faith more durable than ever.

Jacob and Rachel

This is a love story that stands out. Jacob told Rachel's father that he would give him seven years of free work to marry his daughter. To Jacob, that time seemed like nothing to him because he loved Rachel so much. When Rachel's father played a trick on Jacob at the end of the seven years, Jacob vowed to offer another seven years of work to get Rachel. Jacob stayed for 14 years total! When Jacob and Rachel finally were married, they had several children together. They went through many ups and downs throughout their life, but in the Bible, it shares they never once stopped loving each other. They remained dedicated to each other despite the hardships. When Rachel faced an early death, it only strengthened Jacob's love for their children. Their story reminds us that love can conquer all and to remain passionate about your partner.

Boaz and Ruth

Ruth was a widow and a foreigner. By all accounts, Ruth was helpless and vulnerable. Despite this, Boaz never took advantage of her. Boaz gave her food because he knew she was poor, let her rest safely in his home, and had his workers look after her. Boaz never expected anything in return, despite feeling attracted towards her. Ruth noticed what a gentleman Boaz was being. He showed interest in her by providing for her and keeping her safe. A genuine relationship is built on love and respect, not outward appearances, or lust. Boaz showed respect to his partner, as we all should do for the person we love the most.

Joseph and Mary

Joseph wanted to avoid publicly divorcing Mary when she became pregnant with Jesus, to protect her name and her life. In Biblical times, an engaged man could divorce his fiancée. However, they would then get stoned to death for committing adultery. Joseph loved Mary and trusted in God's plan, even if it seemed outrageous. So, Joseph acted and kept Mary safe, proving his love for her. When men came to kill Mary and the baby, Joseph stood up and fought back. Their relationship reminds us that we are going to face bumps in the road, but a strong union can overcome anything with God's help. Seek to share the same powerful faith as your spouse and be willing to commit to Christ's will for your marriage.

Isaac and Rebekah

Abraham selected Rebekah to wed his son, Isaac. Rebekah was from the same tribe as Abraham, so he knew that she was faithful to the Lord. It is essential for us to try and find someone who shares the same faith as us so that our marriage can glorify God. Additionally, Rebekah and Isaac's union teaches us that love is a decision. Before they got married, the two did not know each other at all. Yet they stayed faithful with each other and chose each other every day. It was not uncommon for men to have multiple wives back then, but Isaac only was with Rebekah. They took their holy covenant of marriage seriously, as we should with ours.

Elkanah and Hannah

Elkanah and Hannah's story starts in 1 Samuel. We are introduced to Elkanah, who has two wives. While his first wife gave him children, Hannah could not. Hannah was heartbroken that she was unable to bear children and often cried for fear she would be kicked to the street. Elkanah gave her love and reassurance. He knew the concerns she was struggling with and put his own needs aside to remind her she was worthy and loved. No matter what you and your partner may go through, always seek to tell each other that your love is never-ending. You will support each other through thick and thin.

These couples teach us so much about how to handle our relationships. They remind us just how powerful love is and that it can conquer all. Which pair do you most resonate with?

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