Four Keys to a Spiritual Marriage
Spiritual tools to support your marriage along its journey.
By Greg and Barbara Markway

Quiz: Is Yours a Spiritual Marriage?

Love for a Lifetime
'I Still Do' founder Dennis Rainey talks about why he believes so strongly in covenant marriage.
Interviewed by Holly J. Lebowitz

Marital Stocks and Bonds
To preserve both your finances and your marriage, let God--not the almighty dollar--be your guide.
By Hugh and Gayle Prather

Why We Couldn't Get Along
Behind the flap over same-sex unions and a Christian marriage statement.
By Richard Land

A Peaceful Home
India's ancient design traditions can bring serenity into your dwelling

Social Insecurity
Marital advice for the chronically shy and jealous
By Hugh and Gayle Prather

Love, Honor, Obey?
The Muslim perspective

Marriage Is More Than Passion
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

"He Says I'm Too Sensitive"
Advice for better communication
By Hugh and Gayle Prather

His Cheating Heart
A humiliated wife weighs whether to stay with her husband in the name of family
By Joseph Telushkin

"This Stuff is Beginning to Drive Me Nuts!"
How to negotiate the little things that sometimes feel so big
By Hugh and Gayle Prather

Becoming the Spiritual Leader of Your Home
Make the Promise Keepers message endure by taking spiritual responsibility for your household--and its dirty dishes
By Larry A. Jackson

Life in the Holy Fishbowl
The challenges and joys of being a clergy spouse
By Lisa Konick

Why Marriage is Indefensible
In the Pulitzer winner 'Dinner With Friends,' marriage is an acquired taste
By Laurie Winer

Renewable Passion
The secret to hot monogamy is to see your spouse as others see him or her--exciting, desirable, and new.
By Shmuley Boteach
April 2000 Kvelling Couples
By Holly J. Lebowitz
March 2000

Text of the Reform Judaism Gay Marriage Resolution
March 29, 2000

Consequences Unclear
A vote for gay marriage can spur Jewish renewal, as feminism once did, or it can divide Judaism, like another past Reform vote.
Samuel G. Freedman

Who Wants to Marry the King of Persia?
On Purim, we remember an earlier version of the recent television special. Only this time, the ending is quite different.
March 2000
Andrew Silow-Carroll

Protecting Marriage
California voters will decide the future of marriage.
March 2000
James Dobson

No Threat to Marriage
Every marriage faces challenges, but the legal status of gay couples is not among them.
March 2000
Ben Daniel

Why Do Baptists Have Such a High Divorce Rate?
The sexual revolution affects even the most devout Christians.

February 2000
Richard Land

Let Us Be Impatient With Prejudice
Vermont's next step should be forward for gays and lesbians.
February 2000
William Sloane Coffin

What the Vermont Court Has Wrought
Is this the end of marriage as we know it?
February 2000
David Orgon Coolidge

Kosher Coupling: Giving From the Heart
This Valentine's Day, give your honey a real gift.
February 12, 2000
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Who Took the 'St.' Away from St. Valentine?
Except for his association with lovers, this martyr at best had only a shadowy existence on the Catholic calendar.
February 12, 2000
Charlotte Allen

A Jewish View of Valentine's Day
Or, how I stopped worrying and learned to love February 14th.
February 12, 2000
Debra B. Darvick

Not-So-Funny Valentines
Women and men deserve a relationship based on self-sacrificial love, not one where sex is used as a bargaining chip.
February 12, 2000
Deborah Belonick

Overcoming Extramarital Infatuation
Nine affirmations to help you stay the course.
February 2000
Hugh and Gayle Prather

Pastor's Marriage 'Slave' Contract Slammed by Judge as 'Tyranny.'
February 4, 2000
Charisma News Service

Kosher Coupling:
How Kids Awaken Your Inner Child.
February 1, 2000
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Building a Household of Faith
Notes on a Project Under Construction.
January 2000
Gerrit and Rhonda Dawson

Stubborn Husband, Stubborn Wife
A Persian tale about a husband and wife who re-discover each other through their own obstinancies.
December 20, 1999
Allan B. Chinen

In the Biblical Sense
A guide to the booming Christian sex-advice industry.
December 20, 1999
Mark Oppenheimer

Season's Greetings--From Within the Family
How Religion is Being Privatized--Even at Home.
December 20, 1999
Wade Clark Roof

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