Everyone works hard during the day. Whether working in or outside the home, it’s great to get home and see that your husband or wife has thought about your contributions and efforts. On the other hand, it’s nice to put your spouse first. It’ll take some energy and time, but it’s worth the effort.

These ideas on how to cheer up your spouse are ideas. At the end of the day, you know your spouse best. You can tell if they enjoy a night on the town with friends or if they’d rather stay at home.

Everyone has days where they feel nothing is going right; they’re part of life. However, you can bring the sunshine into your spouse’s day when they aren’t feeling joyful. You can’t control how their day goes, but you can make them feel loved through words and actions.

Cook their favorite meal.

Making your spouse their favorite meal is one way to let them know you appreciate their efforts and want to give them a tasty meal after a hard day. There’s nothing like a yummy home-cooked meal after a tough day. The delicious aromas meet you at the door when you walk into the house. Your stomach stops grumbling, your headache disappears, and you’re happy to be home.

What better way to put a smile on your spouse’s face than to put extra effort into dinner? You could cook their favorite meal or make something that takes even more time. If you want to go above and beyond, you could make their favorite dessert and end the dinner on a sweet note.

Don’t think about how much money or effort you spent on the meal, but concentrate on thanking your husband or wife for their hard work. Allow them to relax while enjoying your tasty meal. Instead of rushing through dinner, take this time to connect and communicate with your spouse.

If cooking isn’t your cup of tea, you could pick up your spouse’s favorite meal from a take-out restaurant they like. Get their favorite meal and dessert too. Have the dinner ready when they get home, and they’ll be surprised by your thoughtful gesture.

Encourage them to participate in an activity.

Everyone has hobbies or activities they enjoy, and that relieves stress. These hobbies can differ from person to person. Some people like watching movies or sitcoms to forget the day’s worries, while others enjoy crawling up in their favorite chair with a good book for some quiet time.

Do something your spouse enjoys, like watching their favorite movie or show with them. Laughing is an excellent stress reliever; it lowers your stress hormones and releases endorphins. Watching a funny show together is a great way to end your day on a good note by laughing away the cares of the day.

It’s also important to understand your spouse’s love language. What fills their bucket and makes them feel loved? Do something that will impact their mood. If you’re unsure of your spouse’s love language, there are plenty of sources online that can help you determine what it is.

Ask the kids for their help.

There’s no better feeling than being greeted by your children when you get home. Get your kids to make your spouse a card or do something caring for them. When you were younger, did you drop everything you were doing to run to your mother or father when they got home? Imagine how that made them feel. No matter how brutal their day was, they forgot their cares at that moment.

If the children are having a rough day, let them play outside when your spouse gets home. This separation will allow your spouse some quiet time when they get home. However, depending on their personality, your spouse may want the kids around to help cheer them up, or they may appreciate a break before engaging.

Having your kids help you make a fun dessert for your spouse may be a fun activity. In most cases, playing with children can make everything better. Most parents don’t have much time to engage with their kids, but if you sit down and play with them, their innocence and kindness will melt your heart. It may help if you take care of the dishes or other responsibilities while your spouse goes for a walk with the kids or plays with them in another room. Allow your spouse to commit themselves to that moment fully.

Engage in intimacy.

When your spouse gets home, greet them with affection and love. It will delight and surprise them if you don’t usually do this. Kiss them for an extended period. Kissing is a great way to lower stress levels and boost happy hormones. Who knew kissing impacted our emotional and physical well-being? Intimacy decreases depression and stress and brings an overall positive attitude. Engaging in physical intimacy can release endorphins which lower irritability and make you feel good.

Oxytocin releases from your body when you engage in physical intimacy. This hormone has a calming effect and promotes peaceful sleep. It also helps with feelings of security and connectedness. You and your spouse will feel bonded to each other and loved.

God made physical intimacy a gift to married couples. He planned for us to use it to assist with deepening marital connections. He wants your marriage to thrive and grow. You can unwrap your gift with your spouse as much as you’d like. God loves you and your spouse and wants the best for your marriage. Intimacy has numerous benefits when God made it that way.

Everyone has days when they feel the world is working against them. When your spouse has their days, it would be best to do what you can to make them feel better instead of ignoring them. These are simply ideas of what you can do, but ultimately, you know what your spouse likes. Even if your efforts don’t go as planned, your spouse will appreciate your effort to make them feel better.

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