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Calling all wives! Have you ever took a moment to think about the questions that run through your husband’s mind every day? I’m sure you probably have questions that you ask yourself on a daily basis, but do you think his questions are any different? It’s hard to come up with these questions as a female because our minds tick in a completely different way. So ladies, I did the hard work and just flat out asked my husband what are the questions he asks himself on a daily basis and this is what he had to say.

What do I want to accomplish today?

Men wake up each morning and make a mental to do list and come up with a game plan on what they’d like to take action on. Doing this first thing in the morning, for my husband at least, is his way of getting motivated and energized to attack the day – even though he still wishes he could press the snooze button and get a few more precious minutes of sleep.

How much time will each task take me?

Since your husband is creating a list of things to tackle, he also wants to be efficient and figure out how much time he should allot for each item. He doesn’t want to over or under estimate because then that time conflict will cause his plans to be sent off kilter.

Am I on track?

This question is applied to every aspect of your husband’s daily life – kids, work, relationship, friendships, etc. He ultimately wants to know if there is something that he needs to be doing or should consider doing to make things come into fruition or be accomplished within a smaller more definitive time frame.

Did my wife ask me to do anything?

I had to laugh out loud when my husband told me this because of the stereotypical ‘honey do list’ that he likes to reference. I’m sure many wives out there can relate because often times it seems like the list is never done until you “nag” them. However, it’s good to know that he isn’t completely blowing me off and actually thinks about the things I ask him to do around the house. As wives, it’s probably also a good idea to allow our husbands to tackle these lists in their own way. Yes, it may take forever in our eyes and yes, it probably isn’t the way we would have got it done. However, if it gets done – does it really matter?

Did I tell my wife and kids that I love them today?

Even though men are stereotypically placed with a tough exterior, it’s nice to know that they do think about their loved ones on a daily basis. I know there have been times where I’ve had to repeat things to my husband several times and this makes me feel like he doesn’t appreciate or hear me. However, knowing that he genuinely wants me to know and hear that he loves me is important.

Have I thanked God today?

All Christians, just not husbands, should thank their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ every day for the blessings that they have in their lives. Through constant conversation or even through prayer, we must all remember to thank the man upstairs. Knowing that husbands have a close relationship to God should not only comforting to their wives, but also reinforce the stability of the foundation their marriage lies on.

What can I be doing better?

Men, like women, want to make sure that they’re constantly improving themselves as individuals because they know if they’re stronger then their marriage will reflect that strength. Men care about what they’re accomplishing and how their actions are changing their live and the lives of their family members. It’s not necessarily about how much they’ve accomplished, yet rather what can be done with the best.

Is there anything I’m not doing enough?

Men want to evaluate their lives on a daily basis so that they can make sure they’re doing enough and living their life to the fullest. Husbands know that as the ‘men of the house’ that they must take control and use their abilities to achieve greatness. It’s important and comforting that they know what is working and what isn’t. Wives should feel comforted knowing that their husband wants the best for their family and is willing to make changes for the betterment of everyone.

Do I really need that?

We all have wants and desires, but it’s important to know what a necessity is and what isn’t. Both husbands and wives should be aware of these items and elements because it will keep things in perspective and provide a balance within other aspects of everyday life. You’ll find that if your husband has these items into perspective that it will help you, the wife, also develop similar ideals.

What can I do to make my wife happy?

It’s refreshing to know that husbands want to make their wife happy on a daily basis because I think it’s safe to say that most wives have the same question every day. When both parties are happy within a marriage it helps to build a stronger bond overall and provides a foundation that can withstand just about anything. Marriage is hard work, but it’s definitely amazing and has a lot of great benefits.

While these questions may not be asked in this exact order, it’s good to know that husbands out there want to better themselves so that their marriage and family will benefit from their greatness. It’s important that wives appreciate their husbands and voice their concerns or comments on a regular basis. The key to having a healthy marriage is communication. If both husband and wife vocalize their feelings and every day questions, they’ll both reap the benefits. Take the time to hear what your husband has to say and think through ways you can build them up.

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