Is your marriage thriving or falling off a cliff? Many couples often hit rough patches in their marriages. The problem, though, is determining if it is something you can overcome or will break your marriage apart for good. Our quiz will give you a gauge on if your marriage is meant to last forever, or is teetering on the edge.

You do not trust that they will support you or always have your back.


You actively try to avoid spending time with your spouse.


Neither of you fight fair. 


You all have an unhealthy or infrequent intimate life.


One or both of you frequently resort to playing games or “keeping score”.


You avoid discussing the future of your relationship and are not on the same page.


You keep secrets from each other and avoid talking about hard topics.


You never make compromises for the relationship.


You do not hold each other accountable in the relationship.


Loyalty is something you question.

Your result is:

Your marriage could use some work. 

There are many factors that come into play when figuring out if your relationship will last, but your answers showed some pretty big red flags. Do you and your partner each put in effort to be successful? Are you all working on communicating better and having honest conversations? If not, it might be time to get professional help before your marriage continues to get worse. Do not ever forget that you deserve to be treated with care, love, and respect.
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Your result is:

You have a marriage built to last. 

Your marriage is healthy and thriving! Your answers show that you have a very stable, healthy, and happy relationship that will last for years to come. Continue to keep putting in the effort that makes your relationship so successful and remember to never get too comfortable. The best relationships are ones where each party makes conscious choices every day to stay in love. Enjoy it!
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