Q: I yearn for a loving relationship with someone who truly understands me. Is it possible for my guardian angel to connect me with my soulmate?

We have received a number of such queries after individuals have read in our book, "Love Is a Miracle," which explores how angels brought together men and women who were meant to be life partners, including us.

Years ago, Brad was sitting in a lecture audience when a woman sat down beside him, introduced herself, and, after a few moments, told him that she had been asked to bring him greetings from a mutual friend, Sherry Hansen, with whom she was attending a class.

Brad had met Sherry some years before but didn’t have any idea where she was living. The stranger informed him that Sherry lived in the same city. Because Brad was so pleased that Sherry would remember him, the whole illogic of the situation didn’t occur to him: How could either Sherry or this woman know that he would be attending the lecture that night so that greetings could be extended to him? Additionally, he had decided at the very last minute to attend the lecture; no one knew for certain that he would be there.

Later that night, Brad checked the telephone book and saw Reverend Sherry Hansen was listed. Many days later, he summoned the courage to call her and a warm friendship grew into a working relationship that led to a very happy marriage between true soul mates.

As time passed, Brad learned that Sherry and the stranger did not know each other, and certainly had never attended a class together. The woman, who has since become a dear friend, is a very spiritual individual, who apparently served as a conduit for angelic intelligence to bring two people together who may never have found each other without such intervention.

The concept of finding one’s soul mate can easily become a kind of romantic conceit and lead the hasty heart down the path of self-deceit, disillusionment, and a rationale for moving from one relationship to another in desperate search for the perfect mate.A cautious approach that allows romance to grow to true friendship and progress to deep love seems more likely to receive angelic blessings than a transitory attraction to a likely soul mate. But while we issue cautions against the manner in which some people play the “searching for their soul mate” game, it does appear that when two people are supposed to come together to complete their earthly mission, the angels will intervene to see that the relationship does happen.

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There are a number of such accounts in biblical and apocryphal literature of angels serving as matchmakers, such as the fascinating story of the angel Raphael posing as one of Tobit’s kinsman in order to make certain that the marriage between his son Tobias and Sarah, the woman chosen to be his bride, was not interrupted by demonic interference.

It was Raphael's earthly assignment to see to it that these two children of "holy ancestors" should be brought together as one flesh to fulfill a heavenly decree beyond the understanding of mortals. As humans, we may not always understand the motives or the long-range goals of this higher intelligence, but once Raphael revealed his true identity, he urged them all to pray for guidance so that their union might continue to be blessed. If you believe such a destined love is to be yours, test your emotions with prayer for guidance and a sincere, meaningful contemplation of the sacred.

Q: I've seen representations of Eros with wings and arrows of love. Is he an angel?

A: In our opinion, Eros originates in a cosmology quite removed from the angelic realm. In the ancient world, he is first depicted as either the consort or the son of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love. While he may have been considered a minor member of the Olympian pantheon of gods and goddesses, the Greeks never placed any great esteem on Eros, regarding him as the epitome of unbridled sexual passion and therefore a danger to manners and morals in the social order.

Later poets delighted in his trickery, passion, and infidelity, portraying him as handsome youth and a good lover, but irresponsible and superficial.

When the Romans transmuted Eros into Cupid, he stilll did not become the chubby winged cherub with his arrows of love as he has been depicted in modern times. The Romans portrayed him as charming, but sadistic, gracious, but malicious, tormenting whomever he chose with his love darts, regardless of the pain or awkwardness that such random shooting might create. That doesn't sound like an angel to us.

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