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Having a stellar pick-up line was a guaranteed shoe-in to score a date or at least a cup of coffee. But now the art of pick-up lines has somewhat diminished and daters are now forced to think outside of the box and find a date through other outlets. Who’s to blame – technology!

Online dating has taken over the dating scene - with sites like ChritsianMingle.com and eHarmony finding soul mates for millions of people. Statistics have reported that on eHarmony 71% of women and 69% of men meet their spouse within a year. With the new digital age upon us and the technological advances, people would rather pay their hard earned cash to find the one versus enduring date after date.

Instead of spending hours preparing a clever one liner, people now are answering question after question on dating websites – crafting their answers to articulate their perfect beau. Singles are staged in front of their cameras trying to look impeccable from the waist up in preparation for the perfect selfie. Yes, a selfie has now taken the place of a clever introduction line. With dating sites like Tinder, singles are judged on their appearance – so they have about a one to two second swipe delay to persuade the viewer to pick them.

Online dating appeals to daters because it fits into their schedule because they can do it when they get home from work, while they’re eating a meal or basically anywhere they can use a mobile device. Dating online also eliminates the possibility of being embarrassed or rejected face-to-face by a dater. Society would rather not be subjected to denial and would choose to skip the “getting to know” phase by researching their potential date by scouring the internet and the dating profile.

Match.com states that only nine percent of women and two percent of men say they've found a relationship at a bar or club. And others in the study claim they don’t know where else to look for a match and would be too embarrassed to be set up by a friend or family member. The site also claims that men take only 15 minutes to decide if a woman is worth a second date. For women, the clock isn't ticking quite so fast - they ponder whether to get together again for an hour or so. Therefore, online dating is perfect for both parties because the men can keep clicking if they’re not interested and women can bookmark profiles and contemplate whether or not the guy is worth their time.

So before you decide to dust off your pick-up lines, you may want to take those writing skills to the internet and draft up a good online profile.

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