happy-friends-coupleIt’s not rocket science and believe it or not there’s no Disney fairytale that anyone can mimic. Choosing the right girl can seem like a bigger challenge than it actually is however, if you’re willing to look for someone who brings out the best in yourself then that’s the first step.

One of the biggest mistakes most men make is allowing physical attraction overrule the other important aspects that make up an individual. It’s important to not date someone solely based on their looks. While looks may be the initial element that attracts a man, it’s important to remember that over time appearances will fade, and once they’re gone you’ll be left with what’s on the inside – which is the most important element. Men, find a woman that has the same interests as you. If you love sports, she doesn’t necessarily have to be obsessed with sports but she should enjoy an occasional game. If you’re an outdoor cynosure, then the lady you pick should also enjoy the great outdoors. Otherwise, if you date someone who doesn’t share the same basics, you’ll be spending a lot of time alone. And that’s definitely not the point!

It’s important to pick someone who’s on the same page. Now the right girl doesn’t have to agree with your political views or even your religious beliefs however, both individuals must be accepting of the opposing views and understanding. Obviously, this type of knowledge is not necessarily first or second date information however, if you’re going to invest real time with someone these opinions and questions should be addressed. Does she share the same views on having children, finances, career and other essential elements that are part of a relationship? If not, then you must assess whether or not these items are deal breakers, and if they are do not settle and pray to the almighty powers that she’ll change. When you settle down and pick the right girl, the only way she’ll truly be the one is if she is what you’re looking for – not what she’ll eventually mold or grow into.

And remember the right girl is going to give you butterflies. Yes, gentlemen they’re real. You know that tingly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when she comes around? It’s that overwhelming sensation that causes you to think about the future. It’s that feeling that makes you look around, pinch yourself and take a deep breath because you realize that you’re living in the perfect setting. The ideal girl will make you want to be a better man. And it won’t be because you feel like you have to live up to some unattainable expectation, instead you’ll just want to be a better person because she inspires you to do so. Yes, men it’s that easy and simple. When she’s the one you’ll know it and you’ll feel it inside your heart. Do you remember seeing The Grinch for the first time? Now do you recall the scene where his heart grows – you’ll experience that!

All in all, only you will be the one that chooses the right girl. When you’re out searching, be sure that you’re looking for the one that will make you a better man. Be sure that the perfect girl is the one who will go the extra mile when you need a shoulder yet, the one who knows how to let you learn on your own. The key to a happy relationship is being able to be individuals, come together, and bring out the best in each other no matter what.

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