We live in an instant gratification society. Immediate notifications, light-speed Twitter feeds, instant internet connections…and an irrational frustration upon delay. We are a species who could find out that a convenience exists, begin to enjoy it, and 5 minutes later become dissatisfied when it does not meet our expectations.

We spend most of our lives seemingly rushing through it, only to look back days, weeks, or months later – and wonder where it all went.

Do not fall victim to the impossibility of keeping up with the times. Instead, understand that there are certain pleasures in life one should never rush.


That’s right. Not only did I say it, I made it the first point in the article. Anything worth having is worth working, and waiting for. This also goes for women, men, – anyone you truly want to be with is also worth working, and waiting for. Why would you ever rush something you want to last forever? You wouldn’t.

Choosing a gift.

Whether it is for a friend, family member, or significant other – fewer things in life carry the meaning of a genuine gift. The more mature we become, the more we realize that giving a gift is not about the dollar amount we spend on it, but rather the thought we put into it.

Spend the extra time to consider who you are giving the gift to, and how you can best maximize your efforts to make an impact in their life. Plan an experience, enjoy an occasion together. Spend time with him or her. Maturity teaches us that time spent with someone is far more important than money spent on someone – money you can get back, time you cannot.

Planning a day (or days) off.

Regardless of whether you are self-employed or working for someone else, time off does not come easily. Many people think entrepreneurship means 24/7 freedom, but anyone who owns their own business understands that often times you have even less free time to travel, because if you don’t work – neither does the business. So whether you are limited by a vacation plan or your very own revenue, never take time off for the sake of taking it off. Understand that experiences and seeing different parts of the world should be seen as invaluable, and therefore planned with care.

Accepting a new role in a company.

Speaking of work, we all have different directions and paths in life. I understand that money plays a large role in the choices we make, but there are far more circumstances that dictate one’s happiness than the direct deposit amount every other week.

Jumping into a new role at a new [or the same] company, can bring about many changes in your surroundings, culture, day-to-day routines, and trajectory in life. Always carefully consider and weigh all of your options accordingly.

A large financial commitment.

We can easily be impulsive and quick to move on something that has our attention. A new apartment, car, house, or large ticket item, can be appealing and tempting. Unfortunately, not all assets appreciate – in fact, most depreciate rather quickly, and weighing out how they fit into our financial plan can be an integral part of our future success. A large winfall or sum of money is not often best spent in one place – but intelligently, carefully, and after much research.

Making your relationship public.

Whether it be to your family or friends, it is imperative to truly understand and fully appreciate your relationship before you spread it far and wide. Through observation and experience I have learned the importance of making sure you are fully committed to your significant other before you integrate him or her with other parts of your life.

If you rush into a public commitment before you are sure yourself, you will feel pressured to stay in a situation that may not be right to you. A relationship is between two people – not many.

A promise.

Integrity and honor are perhaps the most valuable possessions we have as human beings. Whether it is committing to a small get-together, or a larger cause, we are only as good as our word. To make a promise is to put your reputation on the line by upholding said promise.

People who make commitments do not deserve respect – people who stick to commitments deserve respect.

Life is not to be rushed through, to be passed by, or to be glanced at outside the window of a proverbial speeding car. Life is to be savored, enjoyed, and absorbed. It is to be experienced, today – and every day.

We only get one chance on this earth – this is not a dress rehearsal. Are you making the best of it?

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