people couple argumentNo two people are exactly alike therefore, no relationship is the same. Then of course, it’s no surprise to know that every breakup is different too! Some people take it with a grain of salt and others are noticeably devastated. Unfortunately, a person that takes it harder can’t understand why their ex isn’t as upset – and in most cases, someone who takes it harder assumes that the other person didn’t care or is already over the relationship. Yet, in all actuality everyone deals with a breakup differently. Here are just a few reasons why someone may take a breakup harder than others – and if you’re one of these folks be sure to keep reading because there are helpful suggestions.

Internal Insecurities: Often times, people who have a difficult time with a breakup ask themselves “Why wasn’t I good enough?” or “Is there something wrong with me?”. It’s relatively common for people to feel insecure within their own skin – especially when they’re on the brinks of a breakup. It’s important for these people to recognize that there’s nothing wrong with who they are. Instead of beating yourself up, accept that it wasn’t meant to be and move on. Once you’re able to overcome that hurdle you’ll find that you’re able to see why it didn’t work out more clearly.

Lost Ones’ Self: When couples are in a relationship, their inner beings often times become intertwined. In most cases, people will begin to think of their partner as a part of their existence and confuse their traits with their partners. Therefore, those people who’ve lost their self within relationship fall completely apart when going through a breakup. It hurts a hundred times more because the person feels like their world is over – they’ve lost their relationship and their self. It’s important to recognize who you are at all times and never lose sight of what makes you an individual.

Rejection: Some people view a breakup as a form of rejection. While there are people who view the rejection as a personal reflection on the desirability, others see the dismissal as a burden of having to find another partner in the future. Many may ask themselves if the rejection is a glimpse of all future relationships and subconsciously inflict sabotage on any other love possibilities – leaving them consumed with pessimistic views of relationships forever.

No matter how it’s dealt, breakups are never easy. If they were then they’d call it something else. People that consume their existence with their relationship and our internal emotional cutters must come to terms with the reality of a breakup. Some relationships work out and others don’t. It’s important to recognize a relationship at its core. Beyond the self-loathing and hazardous internal rejection lies the true answer behind why the relationship didn’t work out.

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