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There are dozens of articles, blog posts, smartphone apps and websites dedicated to catching a cheater in the act. A simple Google search for “cheating wife” will result in hundreds of thousands of results that range from angry anecdotes to advertisements for divorce lawyers. Based on the sheer number of websites claiming to be able to help you prove your wife’s infidelity, you would think that every marriage ends in disaster. Most spouses do remain faithful, but there are, sadly, far too many people who break their marriage vows. “’Til death do us part” has become far less common than it once was.

Part of the reason for the rise in cheating is simply how much easier it has become to have an affair. Social media does a great job of helping you keep in contact with your brother who lives half-way across the country, but it also makes it far too easy to exchange sexy pictures with an illicit lover. The same channels that help adulterers meet up with their lovers, however, can also be used by a suspicious spouse to discover proof of the infidelity. No one is a perfect liar, so there will always be evidence of the affair hidden somewhere and hints that something is wrong. Here are four warning signs of infidelity in women.

Picking Fights

A dramatic row that ends with slammed doors is a staple of romantic literature and television melodramas everywhere. For most people, however, it is rare for their spouse to storm out of the house after an argument. Spouses may stomp into different rooms, but most marriages do not involve the sort of drama that is found in a paperback novel. You may need to be concerned, however, if your life has suddenly started feeling like the script of a daytime soap opera.

There may be a real reason for the sudden tension. Perhaps she feels you are not doing your part to help with the new baby. Maybe you think that she is taking serious financial concerns too lightly. If the dramatic fights seem to be coming from nowhere, though, you might have a cheating wife on your hands. A loud argument gives her a reason to leave the house and a “valid” excuse to seek out her lover while you are left standing at home wondering what happened.

New Passwords

Some people are anxious about their electronic privacy. Given the amount of information that most people keep on their smartphones, it makes sense to have a passcode. After all, without some form of protection a lost phone could result in stolen credit card numbers, bank account information and identity theft. So, most people set a passcode but then otherwise put the matter out of their minds. Others, however, prefer to constantly update the passwords on their phones, laptops and other devices. If your wife is one of those people who rotates their passwords every six months, there is nothing concerning about her changing the password on her laptop. You might need to be worried, however, if she normally lets you use her computer over the weekend but now refuses to give you her new password. There may be an innocent explanation for her sudden desire for privacy, but she may also be hiding a dirty little secret.

Gifts and Compliments

Unless you are dealing with a serial cheater or a narcissist, your adulterous wife knows that she is betraying you. She feels guilty and tries to alleviate that guilt by “making it up to you.” Obviously, nothing will truly make up for betraying your trust and breaking her vows, but she may try to assuage her guilty conscience by making you at least superficially happy. A cheating wife may suddenly start giving her husband more compliments or stop nitpicking things that annoy her.

A cheater may also start coming home with “just because” gifts or spending more money than usual on anniversary or birthday gifts. There is nothing inherently suspicious about having a generous spouse as long as you two can afford the gifts, but if your frugal wife got you new golf clubs because she was “thinking about you,” there may be a guilty conscience behind the sudden generosity.


Everyone forgets things. You might forget where you put your keys or if you turned your phone off before you went to bed. You may not remember if you already emailed your sister or when you last took some Advil for your headache. A little bit of forgetfulness is normal, and some people are more forgetful than others. As such, it is not a cause for concern if your wife has been prone to mislaying her glasses lately. You may need to be worried, though, if she consistently “forgets” to let you know that she was running late at work or can never seem to remember to tell you what time she will be home. If your wife is always “forgetting” to call you back when you leave her a message, she might not be forgetting at all. She may simply be using her sudden onset of the “forgetsies” to cover up the time she is spending with her lover.

No sane human being is capable of perfectly hiding a secret as broad and important as infidelity. The signs may be small, and the hints may be minor, but there will always be clues that tell you something is wrong. Some oddities have innocent explanations or could be simple coincidence, but her compliments on your haircut could also be the warning sign that she has been less than faithful to you and your marriage.

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