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If you have a feeling of dread that your significant other is not faithful, there are a number of signs that may confirm your suspicions. Although it is best to confront your significant other directly, here are a few things to look out for if you feel that your partner is cheating on you. These nine indicators can help you determine if the person you care for is being disloyal.

Working Late or Odd Hours

When your partner starts to alter their work schedule unexpectedly and fails to inform you about these changes, it could be a sign that they are engaging in infidelity. The presence of red flags is inevitable if your significant other keeps working late every night and embarks on unnecessary travels that are not required by their job. It is essential to pay attention to these indicators.


When your significant other abruptly expresses a need for personal space, particularly when it isn't reciprocated, it should raise a red flag that there may be underlying issues. In cases of infidelity, individuals may use the request for space as a guise to handle their emotions or navigate various challenges with their secret partner. These justifications are frequently employed as a means to distance themselves from you and reunite with their lover. It is vital to exercise caution and remain vigilant in these circumstances.

Sudden Interest in Appearance

If you find that your significant other has suddenly developed an interest in enhancing their physical appearance by hitting the gym for extended periods of time, purchasing trendy clothing, and dabbing on a fresh spritz of fragrance, but does not seem to exhibit any interest in whether you observe these alterations, it may be indicative of something awry. Although there is a possibility that they are prioritizing self-care, if they seem to downplay or ignore your expressions of admiration, or have not explicitly discussed these changes with you, there is a strong likelihood that their newfound fixation with their looks is geared towards impressing someone other than you.


If you and your significant other have maintained an open relationship but suddenly there is a surge in their need for privacy, it could be a sign that something is amiss. They may begin to shield their cell phone or computer with passwords, as well as discard receipts and credit card bills. This unmistakable change in behavior should not be overlooked, as it is a warning sign that requires immediate attention.

Always on the Phone or Computer

Electronic devices such as phones and computers can be considered as prime breeding grounds for emotional infidelity. In the event that you happen to notice a significant increase in the usage of these devices by your beloved, particularly during peculiar hours of the day, and you happen to confront them about it only to receive a defensive reaction, then it may be prudent to take a closer look at their records.

Less Intimacy

If you notice that your significant other is exhibiting a decreased desire for physical intimacy, this could be a serious red flag indicating that they might be cheating on you. Although there could be several underlying reasons for the diminished sexual interest, such as stress, hormonal imbalances, health problems, or even a decrease in attraction towards the relationship, it is important to note that if they do not disclose this to you honestly and directly, you have every right to be suspicious and inquire about the situation. In order to resolve any doubts or suspicions, it is crucial to maintain clear and open communication and demand straightforward answers if the problem persists.

“We’re Just Friends”

The utterance of "We're just friends" is frequently uttered by individuals who are being unfaithful in their relationships and often serves as a convenient fallback statement when questioned about suspicious behaviors. Accepting this statement at face value can provide cheaters with a sense of entitlement to communicate with anyone they please, while rejecting it can leave one vulnerable to emotional manipulation. Should your significant other begin to devote increasingly more time to a new acquaintance and dismiss your concerns as unwarranted, this should be regarded as a major indication of infidelity.

Behavior That Doesn’t Add Up

If you happen to observe a sudden lack of accountability in terms of the activities and hours of your companion, then it is a definite red flag that must not be ignored. It is crucial to repeat that such behavior is highly suspicious and requires immediate attention. Inconsistencies like unexplained whereabouts, mismatched receipts, and credit card transactions, contrary to their alleged tasks or events, are a few clear indicators that something significant is brewing. Hence, if you feel uncomfortable about the situation, it is crucial to address the matter head-on without any delay.

Making Excuses

When you find yourself perpetually attempting to catch your significant other in the act of infidelity or conjuring up countless justifications as to why they are not cheating, it is highly probable that they are in fact cheating on you.

Take heed of the warning signs and trust your instincts. It is commonly understood that if a situation seems amiss, then it most likely is. Keep this rule of thumb in mind when it comes to dealing with suspicions of cheating.

If you are constantly plagued with the fear that your partner may be cheating on you and you are constantly coming up with a multitude of excuses to explain away any suspicion you may have, it is likely that your significant other is indeed cheating. It is imperative that you pay close attention to the signs that are being presented to you and that you listen to your gut instincts. When it comes to infidelity, if something doesn't seem quite right, it most likely isn't. While it is true that you may never fully grasp the truth until you directly confront your partner, there are some tell-tale signs that should raise a red flag if you begin to feel doubtful.

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