When you’re in a romantic relationship, most people assume that your partner should be your priority. However, that’s not the case; God should always be the priority with any relationship. You should always make an effort to put God first in your relationship. Putting God first in your relationship means making God your focal point in your relationship and letting Him have the final say in your union. It also means loving God with all of your heart, soul, and strength. It is expedient that you have a relationship with God before He can become the priority in your relationship. Only a child of God can understand Him and have a thriving relationship with Him. Here are some ways that you can put God first in your relationship.

Know the Ideal Match For You

To make God your priority and let Him occupy that position in your relationship, your partner or spouse must be someone who has a similar desire to please God in their relationship. 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 reminds us that we shouldn’t be equally yoked with nonbelievers, because believers and nonbelievers will have nothing in common. Your relationship is at the mercy of the faith agreement between you and your partner or spouse. To be happy and continually be in your relationship, you should consider knowing the ideal match for you carefully.

Start Every Encounter With God

When you first meet your potential partner, take the time to say a quick prayer. In your prayer, ask God to remove any anxiety or haste, and pray for wisdom to discern why this person has entered your life. Every person you date isn’t your spouse. God may send someone to you to remind you of what you’re looking for and what you’re not. Ask God to show you the difference, their purpose, and do so quickly.

Take God With You at All Times

Proverbs 15:3 reminds us that the eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. Therefore, pretend that God is right there with you during every thought, decision, or act. The idea of God sitting right on your shoulder as you’re doing something ungodly can be scary, but it can keep you in line. If you listen to God’s voice more often and take Him with you, you’ll be less likely to sin.

Be Prayerful

No Christian is more powerful than their prayer life. We must remember to pray when things are good and not ideal. When prayer becomes a burden in a relationship, that union can be a ticking time bomb. Intimacy with God produces intimacy with your partner. By praying together with your partner, you experience God together, and you can overcome any challenge that may come up. Your conquest in the face of challenges is fueled by your ability to pray.

Read the Bible

A wise man once said, “Before you open any book, open the Bible.” The Bible serves as a tool and a guide for all believers of God. Studying and meditating on God’s Word with your partner or spouse sharpens your relationship to please God at all times. Reading the Bible together will enhance the spiritual growth of the relationship and its establishment. Also, the knowledge of the Word of God naturally breeds faith in God, and with faith, there’s no limit to your relationship.

Avoid Premarital Sex

Premarital sex has become popular in today’s world, but it can cloud your judgment and cause you to make rash decisions in your relationship. Be careful of creating an environment that could lead to premarital sex. You and your partner should consummate sex in marriage, for that’s the standard of God. Premarital sex will turn away the abiding presence of God in a relationship and give it an ungodly foundation. In addition, the trust in the relationship can be tampered with if you engage in premarital sex. Hebrews 13:4 reminds us that marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed should be pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.

Have a Praiseful Life

A praiseful life enhances joy, and joy is the breeding ground for God’s presence. God’s presence is what makes the difference in life and destiny. It would be best to maintain an atmosphere of praise and joy in your relationship, and you’ll never know a better yesterday. Since our lives depend on God, it’s only wise to put Him first in your relationship as every other thing will be at your beck and call when you do. Matthew 6:33 says that we should seek His kingdom and righteousness first, and He will give all these things to you as well.

God's Love is the Ultimate

The knowledge that God loves you is the backbone of a lasting relationship with Him and others around you. His love is unconditional and inexhaustible. A perfect kind of love comes from God, and His love fills everything. You must realize that His love is always for you, and you can bank on it any day, anytime. Banking on God’s love will make you trust God with your life and live for Him.

Navigating the dating world can be a task for anyone, predominantly Christian singles. Still, the struggles don’t stop once you get married. Putting God first in your relationship can be challenging, but it’s necessary to enjoy the fruits of God’s love. When you put Him first, everything falls into place perfectly. Naturally, things won’t be perfect all of the time, but when you think about how good God has been, excellent is an understatement.

Putting God first isn’t just essential for a romantic relationship, but it’s also critical to your relationship with yourself. If you continue to put God first and honor Him with whatever relationship you have, you’ll never be disappointed. God is the pinnacle of love; He loved His people so much that He gave His only son so that we may live. Putting Him first in our relationships is a small way to thank Him.

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