Is Your Relationship Spiritual?
How deep is your connection to your partner?
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Are You Afraid to Commit?
Does the word "commitment" terrify you, or are you ready for a long-term relationship?
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How Comfortable are You Being Single?
Is the single life for you, or do you yearn for marriage?
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How Hopeful are You?
Do you see a bright future, or do frustration and worry get the best of you?
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The Love Compatibility Toolkit:
Three quizzes to asses whether you and your partner match on three key traits. » Go..
Trivia: Do You Know the Singles of the Bible?
The heroes of the Bible aren't just happily married people.
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Open Your Mind & Heart to Pleasure
Sex therapist Gina Ogden guides you to allow yourself to fully feel pleasure.
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Opening the Heart
 A meditation on the Buddhist idea of metta, or lovingkindness.
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A Moment of Calm
Relax yourself--body, mind, and spirit.
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