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If you and your partner score the same: 

It's time to celebrate, for you're matched well on this vital dimension of intimacy. You each enjoy a high level of satisfaction about soul-baring with your partner. The two of you share the same degree of ease about how much closeness—-and space-—is optimal for your personal well-being. Consequently, your sense of togetherness flows naturally. Know that when differences arise, they will be mild and fleeting.   


If you score higher than your partner.  

Emotional closeness is more important to you than for your partner. At times, you may therefore find yourself feeling a bit isolated in this relationship—-with more space than you really want. Filling it happily will take energy. If you respect your partner's need for solitude and get your soul-baring needs adequately met by other friendships, your bond has the best chance of success.  


If you score lower than your partner:

Your partner needs more emotional intimacy than you do. That's their oxygen, their bliss. For you, soul-baring just isn't as necessary for your happiness together. Express your rightful need for private-time, but do so softly and non-intrusively. Humor can be helpful. When you sense your partner's immediate need for closeness, make that loving effort right then and there.



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If you and your partner score the same: