Since Beliefnet's Soulmatch launched in May, tens of thousands of people have signed up to meet people who share their values. The members below have revealed their values, faith, and personality through Soulmatch's unique profile questions. Take a look at these featured Soulmatch members--then complete your Soulmatch profile to make contact or share your own passions with other members.

26-year-old woman
Seattle, WA

The nicest thing I ever did for a stranger: I try to do "random acts of kindness" frequently, but I'm embarrassed that I can't think of a specific thing. Part of it is I don't want to seem like I'm bragging about myself.
My most important spiritual experience: The moment I stepped into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, I truly believe I felt the presence of God more strongly than ever, in every fiber of my being...it caused me to shake and weep. I'll never forget that.

45-year-old man
Mauldin, SC

I am most grateful for: My son, Jordan... he is almost grown now at 19. I am so grateful God trusted me with him.
Issues we should agree on: I would want my partner to be a free thinker, bound only by the parameters of her faith in God.

48-year-old woman
Portland, OR

Why you should get to know me: I'm a 48 year old who loves to do yoga, belly dance and work out at the gym. I've been a practicing midwife for over 25 years and love people. I have a good sense of humor and knitting is my passion. I find that my spiritual path is a defining part of myself. That meditation and yoga feed my soul. I love to laugh, go to movies, take long walks/hikes, read, knit and spin. I want a deep connection with someone who understands the importance of living joyfully and connecting to the soul.

32-year-old man
San Francisco, CA

Why you should get to know me: My personality is like a chameleon in many ways, I shift modes depending on my surroundings. I am actually very laid back in many ways but forward and assertive in others. Shy at times, but outgoing at others. Quiet, but talkative and inquisitive. Serious, yet goofy and playful. Guarded yet open and warm. Well worth ANY woman's efforts, yet humble.

24-year-old man
Boston, MA

Headline: A 24 y/o non-profit worker and liberal Quaker who seeks a partner dedicated to a spirit-led life, personal connections, social justice, humor, & joy.
In a tornado, I'd save: My journal, my Bible, and all the beer in the fridge. In that order.

30-year-old woman
Baden, PA

My most important spiritual experience: Finding my voice with a goddess circle. But also, being vegetarian (nearly vegan) is a very spiritual process for me. Making that decision has enriched my connection with the world.

38-year-old man
Pittsburg, CA

Why you should get to know me: Charming, sociable, kind, understanding, caring, romantic.
What being Muslim means to me: Love all, show them the beauty of your religion and have people WANTING to be like you because they see the truth in what your preach and practice.

31-year-old woman
Cleveland, OH

Headline: Outside-the-Norm Evangelical
I am most grateful for: My church. I go to this great place that feels like home to me. I struggle because I am evangelical and want to be passionate about knowing God, but at the same time I feel like most of the church is missing the boat on important social issues. This church has a great balance between these two things. Very rare to find!

52-year-old man
Seattle, WA

My most important spiritual experience: Selichot, the prepatory service for the High Holidays, seventeen years ago. I heard the essential spiritual truth that I and I alone am responsible, before God, for what I do, that forgiveness is earned, not granted. My life changed that day as I turned from death unto life.
Do pets go to heaven? Odd enough question at the moment: I had to put my dog down a couple months ago. I am not and never have been concerned with an afterlife for myself. But if my little doggie isn't romping in the Big Park in the sky, eating people food and sleeping in a people bed, God's gonna hear from me.

30-year-old woman
Providence, RI

My most important spiritual experience: I was visiting a friend in Turkey, she was performing with the Dervishes for the first time. I was so happy to have been there for her first "whirl" with the Dervishes that I actually cried. Although I am not muslim, the love and faith in the room was electric.

34-year-old man
Washington, DC

What I'm looking for in a Soulmatch: Someone who will inspire me to want to be a better person, man, Christian.
To get my attention, answer this question: Are you passionate about life and why?

65-year-old man
New Orleans, LA

My most important spiritual experience: Being totally alone on a sailboat miles from anythiing and knowing that being alone is why God created us. He (she) is lonely too!

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