Here are practices or exercises we can cultivate to attract the relationship you're longing for.

1. Unselfishness and selflessness--Consciously put your loved one at the center of your heart and cultivate awareness of his/her needs. But don't go overboard; remember to also take care of yourself.

2. Generosity--Give of yourself, sharing time, things, and emotions.

3. Acceptance--Commit yourself to patience, forbearance, tolerance, and accepting your mate not as a fantasy object--but a real person.

4. Respect--Your mate is a gateway to God and so deserves your respect, trust and support.

5. Honesty--the hard work of communication, revealing yourself, truth-telling, listening (these are big practices)--all lead to authenticity.

6. Empathy--Genuine love involves working hard to understand, and share, the feelings of your loved one. And to offer compassion and caring even for feelings you don't "get."

7. Play--Don't take your love or yourself so seriously. Remember to leave room for fun, whimsy, joy and meaninglessness too.

8. Passion--True passion is not the romantic fascination we associate with teenage crushes; it's a deep wonderment and interest in the other.

9. Mystery--Being open to not knowing, to not having it all worked out, to the discovery of being together.

10. Mission--Strengthen your bond by having some shared "mission," purpose, direction.

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