Excerpted from Kamasutra with permission of Oxford University Press.

When he has seen a virgin's gestures and signals, he uses some method to make advances towards her. During a game of dice or some other game, he disagrees with her and takes her hand, with a meaningful expression on his face. He follows the rules for the embraces that have been described, beginning with the "touching" embrace. He cuts a leaf into the shape of an embracing couple and shows it to her to suggest his own intentions, and, from time to time, he shows her other shapes of this sort. When they are playing in the water, he dives underwater at some distance from her, comes up close to her, touches her, and dives underwater again right there. In games like "new leaves," he confesses his special erotic feelings, and he tells her about his suffering, without explaining it, and about an erotic dream, pretending that it was about another woman. At a theatrical spectacle or in a group of people, he sits down near her and finds some excuse to touch her. He presses his foot against her foot as if to use it as a footrest. Then he touches her toes, one by one, little by little, and presses the tips of her toenails with his big toe. If he succeeds in this, he wants more, step by step. And he keeps doing it so that she eventually tolerates it.
When she is washing his feet, he presses her fingers by using his toes as a pincer. Whenever he gives her anything or received anything from her, he invests it with erotic feeling. When he has washed out his mouth, he sprinkles her with the water. [...]But if he knows her feelings, by faking an illness he gets her to come to his own home to bring him news. When she comes to him, he gets her to rub his head; and he takes her hand and places it, feelingly, on his eyes and forehead. Under the pretext of preparing medicines, he charges her with something to do, saying "You must do this, for no one but a virgin can do it." And when she leaves, he lets her go only after getting her to promise to return. He uses this method for three nights and three twilights. When she comes to him, he stretches out their conversation in order to see her again and again. Even with other women present, he makes more and more advances to her to win her trust. For, says Ghotakamukta, "even a man whose feelings have gone far does not succeed with virgins by remaining indifferent." But only when he thinks that he has succeeded quite well with her does he start to make advances. [...]

But if there are no advances that a man can make on his own, he gets her girlfriend or foster-sister-who knows his purpose and is close to the girl but does not tell her his purpose-to bring the girl to his arms. Then he makes advances to her as described above. Or he can get one of his own servant women to make friends with her at the very start. At a sacrifice, at a wedding, a pageant, a festival, a disaster, in the crowd engaged in watching a theatrical spectacle, and here and there, he sees her gestures and signals, tests her feelings for him, gets her alone and makes advances to her. Vatsyayana says: Women who have revealed their feelings and who are propositioned at the right time and place never turn away.

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