Have you been searching for your spiritual soulmate, but feeling limited by the number of people you can meet by chance or introduction? Are you tired of the singles scene and discouraged by blind dates with whom you have nothing in common? Beliefnet and its online dating partner Matchmaker.com can help.

More and more people are using online dating as a tool for connecting with that special someone. Whether looking for a new friend or a long-term partner, people have found online dating to be a fun and exciting way to meet people who really share their goals, beliefs, and dreams. Start your online dating adventure with Beliefnet and Matchmaker.com--who knows where this journey will take you!

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    Words to the Wise:
  • How to Write a Spiritual Profile
  • Online Dating Safety Tips
  • Your First Offline Date

    Background Reading:
  • Letting Go of the Divine Matchmaker
    The longer I felt God was making me wait for my perfect partner, the more pressure I put on any potential mate.
  • Why Men Seek Beauty and Women Seek 'Bad Boys'
    Successful relationships means understanding what we really need.
  • Attracting a Soulmate
    It's not a case of an unhealed soul as much as psychological patterns that might be preventing you from finding a partner.
  • I Found My Soulmate In Myself
    The author's search for the perfect mate ended when he discovered the pleasure of his own company.
  • Spiritual Soulmates 101
    A workshop I attended taught me how to find that special someone. Sort of.
  • Spiritual Dating
    Eight ideas for meaningful dates that are more than just dinner and a movie.

    Ask Beliefnet's Relationships Experts:
  • CHRISTIAN COLUMNIST: Hugh and Gayle Prather
  • JEWISH COLUMNIST: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
  • MORMON COLUMNIST: Victoria Grover
  • CATHOLIC COLUMNIST: Therese Borchard

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