How do you know when it's time to move from virtual to reality in your newfound relationship? The most important way to know is to trust what your inner voice tells you. Do you find yourself thinking about this person often? Are you interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with him or her? Do you feel a spiritual connection or compatibility with this person? If so, then you're ready.

But don't throw caution to the wind just because you sense a soulmate match. Be mindful of playing it safe as your relationship changes and matures. Make time to talk on the telephone before you meet in person. Does the voice you hear on the line match the words you read on your screen? Don't let yourself be pressured into meeting face-to-face before you're ready--if you are feeling pressure, it might be best to call off the whole thing.

When you do meet for the first time, be sure it's in a public place at a time of day when there are plenty of people around. Be sure that someone you trust knows where you're going and when you should be home. For your first date, make sure to arrive in separate cars. Remember, you're not paranoid for being cautious, you are just trying to be both comfortable and sensible.

Give yourself a couple of dates before you decide whether this person is destined to be your soulmate. Don't put pressure on yourself or your partner--sparks may not fly the moment you lay eyes on each other. Not all spiritual, meaningful relationships look or feel the same. But if you project your most confident, attractive self and keep your mind open to the possibilities, then who knows what kind of divine dates you're in store for.

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