Are you fresh out of romantic ideas? Do you feel adrift in the dating doldrums, stuck in the same tired bistro-and-movie rut as every Saturday night? Well, you're in luck, because here are eight ways to spice up your love life with soulful outings and activities to bring you and your sweetie closer together. Expand your romantic and, perhaps, spiritual horizons by taking a Tantric sex class, playing a little one-on-one basketball, or simply watching the sun set. A friend of mine says her most spiritual date was when a boyfriend taught her how to ice skate. The trust that she felt in leaning on him, plus the way he made her feel beautiful rather than clumsy, made for a date she'll never forget. Some ideas to try:

  • Keep one night a weekend just for the two of you. Turn off the television, unplug the phone, and chuck electrical lights for the evening. (Just remember to stock up on candles!) Make dinner together by candlelight and spend an evening away from the rest of the world. After dinner, read to one another by the glow of the light. Read from your favorite poet, novelist, or spiritual guru. It doesn’t matter, just as long as it has meaning for you. This is a great way to share with a partner.

  • Spend a day outdoors. Having a full day for yourselves is a luxury in this busy world where weekends are usually taken up with laundry, dry cleaning, and other humdrum household chores. Stop by a farmer's market, pick up fresh foods that you both enjoy -- maybe even a bottle of organic wine -- and make your way to a naturally beautiful spot. Climbing a hill, walking a hiking trail, or meandering along the beach are perfect venues to connect as a couple.

  • Take a class. Learning something new together can lead to spiritual growth. Get started by making a list with your partner of new things you would like to learn. Many community centers and YMCAs offer affordable classes or one-day workshops. Don’t be afraid to try new things together. Some classes, like ones on massage, yoga, or swing dancing, are especially made for couples. Have fun -- and remember to do your homework.

  • Perform an act of charity. Spend a night at a soup kitchen together or volunteer at an animal shelter. You'll be humbled by the gratitude you feel for each other -- as well as sharing the satisfaction of making your neighborhood, city, town and world a better place. A date spent helping to clean a park or paint a dilapidated school is a great way to get to know someone spiritually. Find out which causes your partner wants to get involved with and join them. Check your local churches, synagogues, and mosques for information on volunteer projects.

  • Keep a journal together. Take turns each week writing down your experiences and the feelings you want to share. Write letters to each other in the journal or make drawings. This is a creative way to use your imaginations together and create something that will last forever -- like your relationship, hopefully. A perfect activity for couples who are extra busy or travel a lot, journal writing is also a way to express yourself to your partner in unusual ways. Select a journal together by shopping at art stores, bookshops, or specialty boutiques.

  • Play sports. The couple that sweats together stays together. Try spending an afternoon on the basketball court or at the batting cages. Mix it up and be untraditional: How about mini-golf in the rain (hey, you’ll have the place to yourself), or a catch in the park? If you love to ski and your partner is a snowboarder, hit the slopes and learn each other’s sport of choice. Remember: For many people, sports are a mystical experience, so start getting in shape to reach Nirvana together.

  • Share a juice fast. Check with your doctor first to make sure this is OK for you and your partner. Shop around for the right kind of fast and then make a pact to spend one full day together fasting. Begin your fast day by meditating and doing some gentle stretching or yoga together. Then enjoy yourselves. Stay in and listen to music, read and treat each other with care. Remember to drink lots of water along with your juices. Celebrate your completion of the fast with a small, healthy dinner that you prepare together.

  • Explore new religions. Even if you and your partner are not particularly religious, this can be a soul-expanding voyage of joint discovery. Get up one Saturday and go to a shul, or check out a gospel church on Sunday. Find out if visitors are welcome at your neighborhood mosque and make a plan to go. Talk about your experiences together. This is a good way to gently ease into what for some can be a sensitive topic. Keep an open mind. Sit pudja together at a Buddhist temple or call around about taking part in a Wiccan sabbat. Awakening your spiritual consciousness together can help bring you and your partner closer.
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