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Being veganish is not about what you can't eat. There's nothing you can't eat; the difference in moving toward a plant-based diet is simply what you choose to not eat. It's about adding in amazing new foods. There are an abundance of food varieties that are not sourced from animals.

Simple swaps are a great first step. You can find a substantial variety of great alternatives to most of the things you're used to eating that are sourced from animals. Beyond exploring your grocery store, health food and natural food stores tend to offer the widest variety of plant-based, whole-food staples.

 Swap This For That

Tempeh, tofu, meat alternatives in the freezer section

 Meat burgers

Veggie burgers


Beans, veggie "beef" crumbles


Tempeh or seitan bacon, veggie sausage

 Ice cream

Ice cream made with nondairy milks, sorbet, or frozen banana pureed with a touch of almond milk in the food processor or blender


Almond, soy, rice, coconut, hemp, hazelnut, cashew, oat, etc.


Vegan butters, extra-virgin olive oil, avocado, fruit butters, nut butters


Nondairy cheese, homemade cashew nut cheese, avocado, hummus


Tofu for scrambles, or for baking use applesauce, flax, agar, chia, banana, vegan egg replacements

 Cold cuts

Sliced tofu, veggie meat slices in the refrigerated case, avocado, hummus, PBJ for sandwiches

 Heavy cream

Soy or coconut creamer

 Cream cheese  
 or sour cream

Vegan cream cheese/sour cream


Yogurt made from coconut, almond, or soy milk

Once you've got a few of these simple swap-outs in your fridge or pantry, it will be a breeze to veganize one meal per day.

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