Julius Caesar caused a scandal in Rome when he built a statue of Queen Cleopatra, dressed as her patron Egyptian Goddess, Isis, in a temple devoted to which Roman Goddess?


In the story of Demeter and Persephone, Hades strikes a deal that Persephone stay with him in the underworld for six months of the year, allowing her to stay with her mother for the other six months, based on the number of seeds she’s ingested. What kind of seeds did Persephone eat?


Kuan Yin, the Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion, is known as a deity who heals the suffering of the world and especially one who aids women. She is often seen in sculptures, and sacred art, holding a vase. What is does it represent?


Amaterasu is the Japanese Sun Goddess and she still figures quite prominently into Shinto religion and the Japanese culture. She has a very special relationship to royalty in Japan because:


Most ancient cultures had temple priestesses who would initiate men to the Goddess through lovemaking. This was a fully accepted rite of passage. Who was the ancient Sumerian Goddess they worshipped?


As legend has it, Hawaii’s Pele is a fiery, passionate and angry Goddess. She is mad because:


Kali, the Hindu Mother Goddess of destruction, transformation and regeneration looks a little scary at first glance. She’s pictured with skin that is black or blue, her tongue hanging wildly from her mouth. She carries weapons in her four arms, and a garland of men’s heads hangs around her neck. She holds one (recently lopped off) head in her hand. Why is she so intense?


In Hinduism, it is believed the Gods cannot exist without the powers of the Goddesses. Divine feminine energy has a sacred name. What is it called?


Shamanic cultures have long honored the divine feminine as "Mother,” the earth herself. By what name is she known by Peruvian shamans?


Native American cultures honor all creatures as Earth's children. There is one four-legged that is especially sacred, as its hardness and softness represent The Mother. Which sacred creature is considered symbolic of the Goddess?


Using tiny boats launched from the shores, Brazilian women make offerings of food and flowers to a beloved Yoruban ocean Goddess, whom they credit with helping them heal their lives. By what name is she known?


Maeve is a powerful Celtic Goddess whose legend was transformed in order to keep her alive in the Christian culture. Although the ancients considered her a Goddess, as her story evolved she was referred to as a:


Long before the image of Mary with baby Jesus pervaded many cultures, there was a world famous Mother Goddess who was often pictured holding and nurturing her infant son. What was the name of this mother and son, once worshipped in Egypt?


Ancient Egyptians believed a host of deities would judge their worth in the afterlife. The Goddess of Truth and Justice would weigh the heart of the deceased. If it were light as a feather, he or she would go on; if the heart was heavy and laden with bad deeds, it would be tossed and the soul’s journey would end. What is name of this Egyptian Goddess of Justice and Right Order?


Sekhmet, the powerful Egyptian Goddess of War has a female body and an animal’s head. What animal is she?

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