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Animals play an essential part in the grand plan of life. Yet too often, we think of animals simply as things to serve us when in fact, they have souls and are on an evolutionary path just as we are. Animals look up to humanity for love and inspiration. We in the human kingdom have a sacred duty to help them in their spiritual development. Evolution unfolds at every stage of life—mineral, vegetable, animal as well as human. Just as the angels and archangels help us in our evolution, humans are meant to help the animal souls.

Of course, animals learn from each other. Just like humans, as animals interact with other animals, they build life experience. At the same time, domestication is a key way we can contribute in helping the animals, as they are ready for that domestication. When you take in an animal as a pet, it’s not just for your pleasure. You are giving that animal an opportunity to develop spiritually. Animals are like spiritual sponges. They absorb and are uplifted by the love you give them. If you have a farm or ranch, you have an even better opportunity to help. Organizing a rescue shelter or adoption organization, becoming a veterinarian are all ways to contribute to the welfare of animals.

Metaphysically speaking, animals have auras! An aura is a vibratory essence that surrounds all living things. The auric field forms the energetic blueprint of the soul. Humans have intricate auras with many colors of varying shades and hues depending on the quality of thoughts, feelings and actions. The auras of animals reveal how they are using the same universal life force in their creative expression of life.

While we share many biological similarities with the animals, spiritually we are on a very different evolutionary flow. If you were to look at the aura of a human and the aura of an animal, you would immediately see the human aura is much more intricate. So animals are not going to have as large or as complex an aura as humans, but they have strong auras just the same. A cat, for example, will usually have an aura that reaches out about a foot in all directions. The colors will often be pink, red, and yellow. A dog will have a slightly larger aura, extending maybe a foot and a half. Blue, red, and pink are often seen in a dog’s aura especially if it’s loyal. The aura around a horse will be even larger, extending three feet in all directions often with green, yellow, red, pink, blue, and violet spiritual colors.

Dolphins have very beautiful auras. They have a lot of intelligence and are very loving and compassionate. Light pinks and yellows can be seen in these animals. A monkey has a very energetic aura, a lot of reds and oranges. An aggressive animal such as a tiger or lion has a lot of dynamic power. On the other hand, an elephant has a lot of compassion so it, too, has pink.

An animal’s aura changes depending on its feelings and moods. They express anger, fear, sadness, and joy in their auras like humans do. Their auras also change by the type of activity they are engaged in. So it’s important to keep your animal engage in healthy, productive activities.

All animals have a white point of light at the forehead. This is the seat of their intelligence and spiritual life. The energy almost always seen radiating from this point is silver, showing they are expressing that intelligence. Animals have plenty of smarts but it is different from the human. For example, animals have conscious awareness, but not self-conscious awareness, which means they have not yet developed the power of abstract objective thought except in a rudimentary form. They do not yet have the same kind of free will that we can express. Their thinking is completely engaged in the instinctual levels and will express their desires and wants in that way. They work through the group consciousness, where different species of animals share a type of collective behavior pattern.

Animals have a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the seat of memory. All our experiences, thoughts and behavior patterns are recorded in the subconscious. Animals form very strong subconscious instinctual behavior patterns. This is how they know how to take care of themselves, hunt for food, procreate and take care of their young. All these instinctual patterns are stored in their subconscious mind. Depending on their level of intelligence and awareness, this is why certain animals can be trained as their subconscious mind can be conditioned. As the animal interacts with the human in a loving, productive way, they start to take on subconscious patterns that are more human-like. This helps them in their evolution.

Animals are instinctually psychic. They can often see spiritual energies around each other and people. This helps them tune into danger when it is around them. They are often attracted to detracted from someone by tuning into their vibration. It is said that the priests of ancient Egypt kept cats in their temples to warn them of evil spirits. As the animal develops more of its spiritual nature, it eventually reaches a place of tuning into their own higher nature. In this way, they go through a type of enlightenment and take on qualities we would start to identify as human. In many ways, they live life closer to their potential and are more in tune with the spiritual realms than us, until we have learned to awaken our spiritual nature.

Humans gain strength and support from this miraculous part of nature. Animals serve the divine in so many ways, but mainly by the giving of themselves. So, do your best to honor your relationship with the animals. Help them and let them help you. In turn, you will be fulfilling an essential part of the divine plan of life.

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