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An important element of the Universal Law of Attraction is learning to trust your internal guidance system -- that voice within that instinctively knows what is best for you and what will make you happy. As a parent, it is our job to help our children learn to trust their internal guidance system.

Your child will pick friends that he or she wants to learn from on a soul level. Their IGS will guide them in their choices.

Some choices will be positive relationships and others will be negative – that’s normal.

However it is important to remember that every relationship can have value as long as you teach your child to be conscious of who they are and what they want.

Friendships are important because they help your child experience different aspects of themselves by bringing out different facets of his or her personality for better or worse. Children can more clearly define who they want to be by experiencing the opposite of who they are.

Friendships provide the perfect platform for this type of learning. Children, like adults, can more clearly define what we want when we experience what we don’t want.

You can help your child to get “unstuck” from a friendship that doesn’t feel good by encouraging them to stay true to themselves. Help them to identify what they want in a friend so they can focus on enjoying that kind of relationship.

Friendships are one of the most valuable relationships our children can develop. Friendships teach our children how to listen, how to share, and how to be supportive to others. Children learn the give-and-take of human relationships in an equal relationship with friends, separate from the family hierarchy.

As you watch your child grow and develop, you have the opportunity to support them as they experience a multitude of emotions brought on by the dramas, betrayals, and joys that are a part of friendships and relationships. If you value a close relationship with your child, then you will also value their friends. That does not mean you will always like their friends or approve of the friends they choose.

What is important is that you recognize that every relationship your child chooses is a gift and that every relationship benefits your child in some way. It is not always easy to let your children pick their own friends but it is crucial that you allow them to do so. Focusing on their internal guidance system and what they want in a friend will help them in their choices.

 Sharon Ballantine has offered coaching and mentoring to help improve people’s lives since 2007, when she was certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach from Quantum Success Coaching Academy. In 2011, she graduated from The Four Winds Society –Light Body School of Energy Medicine, founded by Alberto Villoldo PhD. To learn more about Ballantine and how she can help you to achieve your magical life please visit http://www.SharonBallantine.com.

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