woman childEven though it seems like a very distant time in my life, there was a time when I went by my first name and not mommy. There was a time when kids would throw tantrums, cry spontaneously and I would look in that direction and wonder to myself why the parents were unable to control their children. Now I can, with my eyes shut, tell you if the child crying is mine. I have it down to a science. By listening to the cry I can tell you what is wrong with my kid – hunger, real pain cry, fake and pity cry, sibling rivlary or just flat out tantrum. And when other children throw fits, I no longer wonder what’s wrong with the parents – I immediately thank God that it’s not my child acting up and I send a silent prayer to that poor parent.

Before I was mom, I spent entirely too much time getting ready in the morning and my outfit always matched. I wore heels all the time and I never walked out of the house unless I checked myself in the mirror once or twice. Now I never leave the house without my backpack that is equipped with pull-ups, snacks, wipes, a few toys and I no longer carry a snazzy high end purse – instead my wallet fits nicely into the backpack. And the only thing that I check before I leave the house is to make sure no one has thrown up or spilled something on me. As for my attire – I live in yoga pants and running shorts unless I am going to work.

Before children, I would relish in nap time. I had a specific position that I would lie on the couch and that was my nap spot. I could watch television and hear every word – of course until I passed out. And if it was a weekend, there was no alarm clock – I slept at my own leisure. Now that I have become mom, I still relish in nap time because that is the only time I can hear the television. Nap time has now become a sport. I can straighten up my children’s playful mess, load the dishwasher, fold laundry, vacuum the downstairs and watch an episode of Sex in the City during nap time.

Before I was mom, I was so self absorbed. I didn’t get what life was really about and I let a lot of time pass me by. Becoming a mom has helped me become a well rounded person. I view life in a different lens and I am so much more thankful for each breath I take and the world that encompasses me.

Mother and KidsHaving children grounds your life so that you can appreciate the small things. When my daughter draws cards, for me that say I love you mommy – my heart melts. When my two-year-old runs to give me a hug and requests cuddle time, my heart grows a hundred times. I love teaching my children new things and I am overwhelmed with excitement when they have accomplished success. Becoming a mom has shown me that life is not about the stuff, it’s about making a difference and loving life – and being a mother has provided me with this beautiful opportunity.

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