Empower Your Little Ones

By Stacy DeBroff

Consider the childhood memories you would most like your child to have and make creating these your priority.  Showing your affection in unique and loving ways is especially important! Here are some tips to “trademark” affection, the little rituals your children can look forward to each day. 

 Mom Central founder and president Stacy DeBroff is a nationally acclaimed parenting expert and bestselling author of The Mom Book Goes to School, SIGN ME UP!, The Mom Book, and Mom Central: The Ultimate Family Organizer. This article was reprinted from her website, www.momcentral.com.

Make Greetings Memorable

Start your child's day with a memorable greeting, such as a cuddle, kiss, or a favorite song.

Be Generous with Hugs

When you leave for work and/or your child leaves for school, come up with a goodbye ritual, such as an especially big hug, a specific parting phrase, or waving from the window.

Note Your Love

Pack love notes in lunch boxes and backpacks.

Call and Check In Every Day

If you are a working parent, call your child every day at the same time to check in and see how he's doing.

Share More Than a Bedtime Story

At bedtime, lie down with your child, whisper in the dark, and talk about how his day went.

Trademark a Kiss

Come up with a "trademark" kiss for your family, such as two kisses on each cheek.

Create Your Own Love Language

Make up a silent sign for communicating "I love you," such as a hand gesture or a wink. Come up with a family motto or cheer.

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