The following tips for soulful fathering are in honor of Father's Day. Pass them along to your favorite dad. (Of course moms can use them, too.)

1. Listen to your heart when you are with your kids. Go with what feels right, not what your dad might have done or what you think fathers are supposed to do. You are the perfect match for your child. You can't make a mistake when you follow your intuitive guidance.

2. Share your hobbies with your kids.

3. Select one day a month or year to spend one-on-one time with each child. Mark the dates in your calendar. Let your child decide what the day's events will be and celebrate together!

4. Listen to your son or daughter. Playing catch is a wonderful time for listening.

5. The old saying "Pick your battles" is an important one to remember. So what does it really matter if your son's clothing looks a little foolish - he's developing his own taste. Staying away from win-lose situations is much better in the long run for your relationship.

6. Don't forget the wonderful habit of note writing. Leave some unexpected words of encouragement in a book, under a pillow, via E-mail. If you travel, begin a postcard tradition. Send your child a postcard from each trip you take.

7. Learn something new with your children.

8. Is there a way you might make some chore a ritual your child looks forward to participating in with you? Maybe you wash the windows every spring and then have an annual water fight.

9. Share your goals with your kids. Let them know how you have achieved a dream and help them come up with an action plan to achieve their own goals.

10. Don't forget the five "Ps" of fathering: Patience, Pure Love, Playfulness, Participation, Persistence.

Remember, no one on their death bed ever said they wished they'd spent more time at the office.

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