"Even when the parent seems not to have said or done the `right' thing, if the intention was pure and backed up by a life of right living, then the child will probably be well nurtured by this unseen aspect of the parent's deeper nature."
--Thomas Armstrong

I don't think we as parents can be reminded often enough that loving our children deeply and authentically is the greatest gift we give them. We can become swept up in the swirl of the day-to-day choices that envelop us and forget this grounding truth.

When our decisions are made from the perspective of, "Does this choice express my deepest love and commitment to my child?" our path as spiritual parents is much less complicated.

Let yourself off the hook for any perceived "mistakes" you have made with your kids and know that your deep love shines through.

Remember also:

Your attitude as a parent is ultimately more important in your child's spiritual and emotional development then any enrichment classes, expensive software, exotic trips, or elaborate bedroom furniture you provide. What you do is more important than what you say, and certainly who you are is more important than what you do.

When you follow your deepest intuition on how to best help your child and when you strive to be the best person you can be, you can't go wrong.

You are a loving caregiver to this child who is on loan to you for such a short time in his/her life. You aren't parenting alone, you are co-parenting with God.

This was made clear to me when my daughter announced that she had picked me to be her mom. A tiny child at the time, she described how she came to select me when she was an angel in heaven. Her innocent words affected me deeply. I realized I didn't have to be the "perfect" parent in charge of this spirit's destiny if she had chosen me.

Look deeply into the eyes of each of your children and see the spiritual glow that radiates through them. Thank them for picking you to be their earthly parent. They may laugh, but don't let that fool you--they know whereof you speak.

Give thanks to the Source that guides, inspires, nurtures, and sustains you as you tend to the bodies and minds of these wise spirits--helping them adapt to the world.

Realize that these souls don't belong to you, but exist in a much broader, eternal reality. What a blessing to help them blossom into their own unique selves. It sure makes doing yet another load of laundry less tedious.

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