"I find it interesting that in this country we scream bloody murder (pun intended) at the practice of female circumcision, and yet we routinely abuse newborn males (naturally without their consent) by forcing them to undergo this barbaric practice. And religion has nothing to do with it, at least as far as child abuse is concerned. Either male and female children are equal or they are not."

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"My oldest son I reluctantly had circ'd, and immediately and fully regretted it. My second son is not and I will never allow it again. It's difficult to know I made that mistake for my first son, but we make numerous mistakes early on and hopefully learn from them. I do think religion has to do with it, and for any who sincerely believe God calls them to make such a sacrifice, I uphold their right to make it."

"Having performed many circumcisions, I have been exposed to the whole gamut of attitudes toward circumcision, from horror to apathy. Unfortunately, the most common reason that most people ask me to circumcise their sons is that they believe that everyone else does it too. The minimal health advantages are not compelling. The disadvantages I have heard (decreased sensation, increased masturbation) are even less. I wish that it would be a carefully considered decision for more people! I must vehemently disagree that female circumcision is comparable to male circumcision. Female circumcision is horrifyingly mutilating, often leading to severe infection, urinary dysfunction, and usually makes intercourse and childbearing an excessively traumatic experience for the victim. Do not be led into thinking that male circumcision is at all the same level of mutilation."

"I just had a son and had him circumcised only for the reason that I wanted he and his father to 'look alike.' There are options now for pain reduction for the infant and I chose to utilize those options. As far as female circumcision goes, I agree with Headscratcher that it is like comparing apples to oranges. Circumcising women was originally done (as far as I understand) so that the woman would not gain pleasure from sex. It started as a punishment of gender, not an honor to one's god. You cannot compare the two."

"I've got two boys, both of whom remain in the condition in which they arrived, if you get my meaning. I've never understood the boys-looking-like-their-father justification for circumcision. If this is done so that the child doesn't feel awkward, how much time is this boy going to spend looking at his father's penis?"

"Time for more male perspective. I lost my foreskin shortly after birth and never missed it. Most of the boys in the gym shower experienced the same loss; I sincerely doubt any of them missed theirs either.
To me, circumcision is a non-issue. If I am eventually blessed with a son, I will have him circumcised, and I think he will be happy he was, as I am. It really is not that big a deal. It isn't mutilation."