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5-7 year-old child

What is Empathy?
In the early school years, children need rules in order to work well ingroups. During free play, kids may prefer to play with one best friendand may exclude other children from games because they have troublerelating to more than one playmate at a time.

As their friendships deepen, children learn that the causes and cures ofsad feelings can be complex. Subtle slights, such as sitting withsomeone else at lunch, can hurt a friend's feelings, and simplesolutions (handing her a toy) no longer work.

Parenting Tips
 Suggest that kids put themselves in another's place when figuring out what might make the other child feel better.
 Explain the unseen reasons why a child or sibling might be upset. "Sam's game was cancelled, and now he's disappointed."
 Help your child think of others: "Look at Tanya's face. See how sad she is? Can you think of anything that would help her feel better?"
What's the Goal?
To teach children that there may be other reasons for feelings thanthose they directly witness.

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