[L]et me briefly explain what a family or generational curse is. Thefirst time the word "iniquity" is used in conjunction with generationalcurses is in Exodus 20:5. The scene is this: God is giving Moses the TenCommandments. In verse 3 He has commanded us to have no other gods butHim, then in verses 4 and 5 He commands that we should make no idols orbow down and worship them--or else our iniquity will visit our childrenand grandchildren.

God forbids bowing down and worshipping an idol, which is anything welove and reverence more than Him. What He is saying is that when weworship an idol, we are allowing something other than Him to rule us, tomake us bow down and serve it. When we do that, the spirit that operatesthrough that idol will come into our lives and not only make us bow downto it again and again, but it will pass from us to our children and ourchildren's children, making them bow down to it. So this spirit ofiniquity becomes a force on the inside that causes us and generationsafter us to bow or bend to its destructive nature.

A spirit of iniquity could be in your life because of something you did,or it could also be something that has landed on you because ofsomething a member of your family did years before you were born. Itcould be an iniquity, or family curse, that has passed from onegeneration to another because of something that has happened inyour family or something that has happened to your family....

Earlier I mentioned a woman whose family suffered from various eatingdisorders.
When I talked to her in a church service, I asked, "Ma'am,what did God set you free from?" She answered, "For generations, myfamily members have died early from obesity. However, in the last tenyears, my family is dying from anorexia." Whether it was obesity oranorexia, each generation was dying from eating disorders. Thatgenerational curse stemmed back to someone in the family who wasmolested. A spirit of eating disorders was birthed into the family fromthat traumatic event. We began to pray, and this woman's family is noweating right because Jesus set them free.