When we're young, we see the world as our spirit directs--with all our senses--and it is magic. The soul is enriched by this ordinary grace--magic is the spirit. Many adults have lost this enchantment and search everywhere for happiness, peace or fulfillment. Countless hours are spent in therapists' offices in an attempt to find that magic, the spirituality that was lost somewhere in the past. But magic exists right now within your child. By inviting her to see magic in the ordinary, you strengthen her spirituality so that it lives forever in her life. When she reaches adulthood, your child will have no need to search outside of herself for "something to make her happy."

The extraordinary is in the ordinary for a child. He doesn't need a circus, an action packed movie, or a 3D software package. We short-change kids by assuming they must have strong colors and fancy toys when even the simplest time or activity can be magical. A materially indulged little girl sought her bliss not from the "stuff" she had, but rather:

"I like to lie on my bed and hold my blanket and think I'm up in the sky with my cat." (Age 8)
Begin making magic out of the ordinary with your child. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Look for the fairy in the soap bubbles when you wash dishes. Maybe she has a name. Maybe she only appears once a night in the largest bubble. Look closely and you will see her. She could even look like you.
  • Say "YES" when you child asks you to help her build a tree fort, a lean-to, a snow fort or an inside fort with blankets. A handmade, private, secret place for kids is pure joy. We all need a sanctuary where we can recharge.
  • Try clapping when you say "Amen." Why can't prayers be fun? Or how about ending "out loud" prayers with "Alleluia" or your child's made-up ending. One child got the word "Amen" confused and said "Ah...Yes." It soon became the family's version of "Amen."
  • Ask your children to come up with a family logo or a family slogan. Several years ago I asked my eight-year-old daughter to draw a symbol or design to represent our family. She drew a circle with a peace sign and a Tao symbol inside. She wrote underneath: "Our family believes in miracles--believes in prayer--believes in peace--believes in GOD!!!"
  • Get out the little white lights you might use during the holidays and let your child decorate his room with them. These sparkly lights can be enchanting nightlights. Wrap them around the bedposts or drape them around a large plant. Why wait for a holiday to decorate with magical bits of light?
  • Spray a bit of cologne on your child's pillow, put a sachet in his drawer, or scented drawer paper in her bureau. Drop a bit of lavender essential oil in a warm bath and watch your child relax and let go.

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