Receiving messages from a loved one can be eerie. But a company wants to change the way the dead communicate with us. A UK based company, Heavenote, is providing a practical approach for people to feel a sense of relief when they're grieving. The user records video messages to be released at a set time before they die to family members or they could be given a code ahead of time to obtain the message for a later date. This makes sense and yet, people hunger for something more. Some people don't need a system like Heavennote. People may smell a dead person's favorite perfume all of a sudden for an encounter, felt a touch, had dreams or for the luckier ones, witnessed their loved ones with their own eyes. A loved one who passed will try to get your attention in some sort of form. Why? Death is not just an ending, it's a new beginning. There are distinct stages your loved one is moving towards and connecting with you is one of them. Consider the following indications that a loved one visited you.

Deathbed encounters.

Sometimes people have to wait until the end of their lives to be touched by a loved one. Almost half of death visions occurred while asleep, and nearly all patients indicated that they felt natural. They reported seeing those who passed away. As participants approached death, comforting visions of the departed became more prevalent. A woman was visiting her mother, lying on her deathbed. Her mother kept waving her arms in the air and asked. "Aren't the angels beautiful?" She told her daughter that she was ready to go to Heaven. We don’t know just how many people like her have deathbed visions since about 10 percent of dying people are conscious before their deaths. But it is estimated between 50 to 60 percent of them experience certain revelations. “They’re so common I don’t think much about them anymore,” Ginny Chappelear, senior coordinator of be­reavement services at the Tidewell Hospice in Sarasota, Florida told Atlantis Rising.

They move objects.

If a loved one died, they may be trying to get your attention by moving objects. Sometimes they may move things into the bedroom or into the living room. They can be dimes, papers, remotes and other items to get your attention. They like to draw attention to themselves, so they take things, shift them around or knock them down. If objects seem to move on their own into one’s path, it may be a sign a lost loved one is near, author David Wolf shared. "This is especially true if the object that moved has sentimental value or is in some way attached to the person one lost. Moving things is something a spirit can do without much effort." They also can stop clocks and other digital devices. Keep a lookout when your clocks stop as this could be meaningful.

They use feathers.

Many people experience finding white feathers soon after a bereavement. White feathers are sent to encourage you to be strong and that things will be fine. Gloria Hunniford is a television host in Europe and a well-known radio star and she shared an account about her daughter who died of cancer. "I remember one time in a swimming pool, everybody and everything was awash with water and I just looked down and all of a sudden on the edge was just this white fluffy, dry feather and I thought, 'Oh my God!' It's just like Caron popping in to see how the children are getting on." Some see several feathers in their house for no reason and felt a peace that their loved one was okay.

They come in dreams.

Dreams are a simple way for people to interact because when we sleep, we're more open to meeting with personalities on the other side. A rue visitation dream is that it feels real and it's very vivid. The person will never be sick, depressed or look angry as they are in a peaceful state. In spirit visitation dreams, a deceased loved one often enters the dream and is surrounded by some sort of light. They will usually offer some sort of comfort that everything is peaceful and that they made it to the other side adequately. Sometimes they will discuss things that bothered them on earth with you in a calm matter. Not all dreams are visitations, if you feel aversion or hostility, this was not them.

They speak through mediums.

Psychic mediums are like extensions to the spirit world and they are conduits to talk to a loved one. The problem is sometimes the one that you want to talk to won't come through. But the reason can be there are more pressing matters such as a grandparent wanting you to forgive them for past transgressions or a friend coming through releasing you from the car accident that took their life. Also, it may be too soon for you and your loved one to connect because they are readjusting to life like you are. Spirit communication through a psychic medium is a 3-way conversation said one psychic. "All 3 parties—the sitter, the medium, and the spirit—affect the reading. If the sitter or the psychic medium arrives with their energy low, the reading won’t be as good as when everyone’s energy is high," Medium Bob Olsen wrote. Many other mediums remind clients to not focus on the pain of losing the person as this could cloud the reading.

Those who passed to the other side want you to know that there is a message of hope and reassurance that there is another journey we take after death. Loved ones do their best to help us navigate our lives and to remind us they're waiting for us through a touch, a feather or by a vision.

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