When I was expecting my first son seven years ago I pored through pregnancy and parenting books like any other unassuming mom-to-be. I had no experience with children before having my own, so it was all uncharted territory. When I actually became a mom I found myself turning to those resources less and less - and turning more and more to other parents.

They had wisdom - the kind of wisdom you gain from perspective.

I've carried that wisdom into my own parenting, tweaking it and making it my own, and it's served me well. Having three sons can be challenging - having any children is challenging - and when they start to change and challenge you, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what has happened and how to move forward.

Today I'm sharing my four-step process to recognizing and addressing difficult situations with young children.

1. Witness behavior or attitudes - The first step is recognizing that something has changed or shifted with your child, which sometimes takes a while to click. Maybe you have felt frustrated with your child because they are misbehaving, or perhaps you have just noticed a shift in their behavior. Either way, if something feels off, It's important to step outside of your own emotions and be the witness to the events so that you can properly address them.

2. Reassess - Once you recognize the issue, it's time to reassess the situation. Think about when the change began and try to discover what may be at the root of it. It is important to find the root in order to help you resolve and guide

3. Search for a solution - Now is the time to open your mind up to new ideas and solutions. With children, everyday is a an evolution - nothing remains stagnant. Keep this in mind and turn to other parents for advice. Ask friends and family, or look online. The internet is a helpful parenting resource if used with caution.

4. Implement the change - It's time to put the theory into practice. Implement the change and see how your child reacts to it. Keep in mind that the most critical element to the success of the implementation is you - you have to let go of the past and realize that this situation is the new normal. Move on past the old behavior and attitude.

Heidi Oran is the founder of The Conscious Perspective, a blog providing education and awareness about Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Humanitarian issues. You can visit The Conscious Perspective here, and connect with Heidi via Facebook, or Twitter.

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