Where and when did the first iconic Thanksgiving dinner celebration take place in America?


Whom did the Mayflower pilgrims invite to the first Thanksgiving feast?


What did the pilgrims celebrate during the first Thanksgiving?


According to what was available during harvest season, what foods were most likely at the first Thanksgiving feast?


Before Thanksgiving became a federal holiday, a few U.S. presidents declared national days of thanksgiving to God for bestowing blessings on the nation. Name one of the presidents.


In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Thanksgiving a holiday on the fourth Thursday of November. What was the reason?


In 1846, Sarah Josepha Hale, an important magazine editor, began advocating that Thanksgiving become a national holiday in order to unify the country. What famous nursery rhyme is Hale known for writing?


Sarah Josepha Hale wrote to five presidents before one of them took her advice to declare a national day for Thanksgiving. Which president finally declared the holiday and in what year?


When did Congress officially legalize Thanksgiving and declare it a federal holiday?


Before the British pilgrims came to America, Spanish colonists settled in 1565 and held a Mass, then a feast, of thanksgiving. This is believed to be the first recorded Thanksgiving celebration of any kind in the U.S. Where did the Spaniards establish the colony?

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