Look up your mother's sun or moon sign and use either as a guide to shop for the gifts below.
Aries: Aries women remain physical and hot-headed for life: Karate class, gym membership, fencing lessons, cutlery, something red and wild, hats, hair accessories, a nifty daily planner to keep her busy schedule organized
Taurus: Taurus is all about the senses: gourmet brunch or dinner at a very fine restaurant, copper cookware, expensive perfume, 1000-thread-count sateen sheets; luxurious spa package
Gemini: Keep the gadgets up to date: a new cell phone with the works, state-of-the-art digital camera, a year of Direct TV, or get the ball rolling for that new car
Cancer: The natural ‘matriarch’ of the zodiac (think Rose Kennedy), the lunar-ruled sign of milk and motherhood, would adore a trip to her ancestors’ country of origin, trace your family roots and make a gift of what you’ve discovered, an aromatic milk-bath, sterling silver (as in silvery-moon, get it?), indulge her reminiscences of the past one more time


Leo: Like lionesses with their cubs, Leos LOVE being moms (Madonna, Jackie Kennedy, Kathy-Lee Gifford). Get your Royal Highness- or Queen-of-the-Castle mom first-row theatre tickets, spectacular new lighting for the living room, a tiara, a professional family photograph with make-up artist/stylist on hand to add oomph to her natural sparkle
Virgo: Habitually serving others, Virgo moms often put themselves last: though she may protest, help her purge and de-clutter with the professional organizer of her choice, surprise her by cleaning the bathroom, the oven, and washing the windows
Libra: Libras love beauty and insist on keeping their mind active: Art work or classes fit the bill, museum passes, a gift certificate from her favorite bookstore, a romantic evening out with dad (or her beau), a weekend getaway
Scorpio: A submarine excursion, an afternoon of scuba diving, a gift certificate for the luxurious dark velvet drapes she longs for, a safety deposit box (to store her secrets), mystery books, privacy
Sagittarius: Keep your Sagittarian mom happy by keeping her moving: a trip to a new destination, tuition for the college course she’s been talking about, a subscription to a lecture series she’d love
Capricorn: A rare book, a special bauble from an estate jewelry sale, an art piece with documented history, and the best gift of all: great news about your latest scholastic or professional achievement
Aquarius: A telescope and jaunt to the nearest Planetarium, an excursion to the Bohemian part of town, a gift of the wildest outfit sans your comments or criticism.
Pisces: A trip to the ballet, foot massage or reflexology session, pedicure, dance class

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