This is Kwanzaa founder Maulana Karenga's way to conduct a Kwanzaa Karamu. Used with permission.

Kukaribisha (Welcoming)
Introductory remarks and recognition of distinguished guests and elders
Cultural expression through songs, music, dance, unity circles, etc.

Kukumbuka (Remembering)
Reflections offered by a man, a woman, and a child
Cultural expression

Kuchunguza tena na kutoa ahadi tena (Reassessment and Recommitment)
Introduction of distinguished guest lecturer
Short talk by guest lecturer

Kushangilia (Rejoicing)
Tamshi la tambiko (libation statement)
Kimombe cha umoja (unity cup)
Kuota majina (calling names of family ancestors and black heroes)
Ngoma (drums)
Karamu (feast)
Cultural expression

Tamshi ta tutaonana (Farewell Statement)

Dr. Maulana Karenga is creator of Kwanzaa and the Nguzo Saba; professor and chair of the Department of Black Studies at California State University, Long Beach; chair of The Organization Us and the National Association of Kawaida Organizations (NAKO); author of the definitive book on Kwanzaa titled Kwanzaa, A Celebration of Family, Community and Culture. For current information on Kwanzaa see: www.OfficialKwanzaaWebsite.org and for information on The Organization Us see: www.Us-Organization.org.

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