Rosie the Witch - Submitted by Sandra Hill

Leo the Little Pharaoh - Submitted by Jennifer Herrera

Kitty the Little Angel - Submitted by Sandra Hill

Charlie - Submitted by Kelly Rapp

Cleo the Pretty Princess - Submitted by Sandra Hill

Sammy the Pink Butterfly - Submitted by Beth Millman

Ships Ahoy, Captain Kitty - Submitted by Adam Strude

Lucy the Baseball Fan - Submitted by Amber Hartman

Maya the Little Frankenstein - Submitted by Jennifer Herrera

France the Court Jester - Submitted by Audrey Zoss

Maggie as Tina Turner - Submitted by Whitney Callan

Maxwell the Leopard - Submitted by Carol Vallimont

Smokey the Purple Butterfly - Submitted by Holly Helms

Hon the Exploring Sailor - Submitted by Katie Wilhelm

Misha as Minnie Mouse - Submitted by Anita Noravian

Wrigley P. Squeaks the Moose and Lil Indiana Jones the Lobster - Submitted by Fred King

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