Witch Dog

This cute bulldog rocks out on a flying broomstick. No potions and spells here!

Mouse Dog

Can you see the smile on this bulldogs face? How could anyone be afraid when you have a puppy dressed up as an adorable mouse!

Monster Cat

Does anyone else think this cat is extremely unamused by its monster accessory? Typical cat behavior.

Lion Dog

Oh no, he's just so ferocious! This small little puppy is bringing out his wild side and giving us a roar! 

Devil Kitten

Have you ever owned a cat? Many will say that this devil's costume is a perfect representation.

Puppy Pumpkin

Not all Chihuahuas have to be dressed up in a Mexican hat. Check out this cute one as a pumpkin!

Cowboy Dog

Howdy there partner! Looking quite dapper today, aren't we?

Wizard Pugs

You're a wizard, puppy! Now go and protect our wizardly world!

Witch Rabbit

Even a bunny can get in on the costume fun! A pretty witch, wouldn't you say?

Froggy Dog

Hippy hop! This puppy brings out his agility skills as he bounces around as a frog for Halloween.

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