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Easter Sunday will be here before you know it. How will your family celebrate? By dying Easter eggs, participating in an Easter egg hunt, or visiting the Easter Bunny at the mall? While these traditions are always a lot of fun, it’s essential that we don’t get so caught up in all of the fun and festivities that we forget what Easter is all about, celebrating Jesus’s resurrection.

Thankfully, celebrating the real reason for the season can be every bit as fun too. At least it will be when you celebrate with these fun Christian Easter crafts for kids. Religious Easter crafts help children stay focused on the true meaning of Easter. With this list of easy Easter crafts for kids, you can entertainingly teach that.

Easter activities for kids.

Easter morning is a sacred celebration of redemption and restoration in the home of every Christian. We reflect on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us during this particular time and celebrate new life in Jesus during that time. Here’s a list of Christ-centered Easter activities for families that the whole gang will enjoy.

Faith-focused egg hunts.

There’s something so sweet and special about brightly colored eggs sprinkled throughout the landscape on a spring day. Now, there’s a way to incorporate the real message of Easter with this fun, family tradition. In some eggs, place Scripture Scrolls inside.

When kids sort through their eggs, collect the scrolls, gather everyone close, and read through the Bible verses on the scrolls. The story tells about the death and resurrection of Jesus and why He came to Earth. This activity is a meaningful way to make the Good News of Jesus come alive for your family and will quickly become an Easter tradition you love.

Easter family devotional.

As a family, you can read through a bite-size Scripture each day using an Easter Bible reading plan. The story of redemption and restoration at the cross can be complicated for children to process and understand, so take a few minutes to help children understand what they read. Bible study templates can also be beneficial for helping the children process what they’ve read.

Resurrection tree.

The Resurrection Tree offers a simple but fun way to discuss the life of Jesus and prepare your heart for Easter. Each day leading up to Easter Sunday, you can read a Scripture passage that explores Jesus’ life and the significance of His death on the cross. As you discuss each verse, hang a card on the tree. By the time Easter Sunday comes, you’ll have an adorable but meaningful decoration to grace our Easter festivities. You can also add all the Scripture eggs on the tree to start with and hunt for the verse every day. Either way, the Resurrection tree makes a meaningful Easter activity the whole family will love.

Acts of kindness with the jelly bean prayer.

Acts of kindness activities are the perfect way to put the Gospel into action. The purpose of this activity is to show your kids that Easter’s message shouldn’t be kept for just one day a year. The best part of Easter is that Jesus came to die for all of us and exchange our sinful lives for His perfect grace.The Good News of the Gospel isn’t something we should keep to ourselves, but it’s something to live each day. To share the hope of Jesus with our neighbors, make treats as an act of kindness. Prepare a treat for your neighbors, or use them as an invitation for church on Easter Sunday.

Resurrection Rolls

These meaningful Easter treats will become a staple for Easter celebrations. This family fun activity teaches children about the resurrection of Jesus and gives them a visual for how He rose from the dead. For this activity, you’ll need crescent rolls, large marshmallows, and a baking sheet.


Together, discuss the resurrection of Jesus and read through the Scriptures of the Easter Bible Reading Plan that share about Jesus’ death. Have each child unroll a crescent roll, so it’s flat and open. Then, place one marshmallow in the center of the crescent, just as Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb.

After that, have each child fold up the sides of the crescent roll and make sure there are no holes. Just as the tomb was sealed tight with a large boulder, the crescent roll should be tightly wrapped around the marshmallow.

Then, place the resurrection roll in the oven and bake according to the crescent roll package directions. Use the time that it’s cooking to read through the Scriptures of the Easter Bible Reading Plan that talk about the resurrection.

Once the rolls are out of the oven and cooled, explain to the children that just like Jesus rose from the dead, though the tomb was sealed, the marshmallow also “escaped,” and the grave is open. This Christian Easter activity will be a family favorite for years to come and something kids of all ages will want to do every year.

Christ-centered sidewalk art.

Sidewalk art is a fun pastime for children. For a fun and meaningful twist, create sidewalk art that encourages your neighbors with the true meaning of Easter. Use masking tape in your driveway to outline the cross-shape. Then use more tape to section off inside the cross. After that, color in the sections with chalk. While you’re coloring, talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Sometimes these casual conversations about faith are just as meaningful as our family Bible study time. Once you’re done, remove the tape, and you’ll see an encouraging message. You could also add some Bible verses around it. It may not be perfect, but the message will resonate.

Celebrating Easter as a family can be fun. All the adorable spring-themed crafts and activities and cute chicks, bunnies, and eggs are fantastic. However, you want to ensure that your children are reminded of the real reason you celebrate Easter with such enthusiasm. With these fun Easter activities surrounding the resurrection of Jesus, your kids won’t forget the true meaning of Easter.

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