Restaurant Certificates

If you know that a friend or relative really likes going out to a certain restaurant, why not give them a gift certificate, so they can go out for a special evening? Offer transportation or include a taxi ride voucher or a gift certificate to a car service, if they don’t like driving after dark.

Stamps and Notecards

For some, rolls or sheets of specialty stamps are the way to go! Include a lovely box of stationary and a really nice pen, or offer to help them write some notes, address the envelopes, and mail them too!

Magazine Subscriptions

Have friends or relatives who love to read magazines? You can find all kinds of deals for buying gift subscriptions during the holidays. With the print subscription, many mags offer the digital version for a small fee or free, so it can be downloaded to an e-reader.

Make Your Own

If you live in a state where you can buy scratch-off lottery tickets, buy the holiday versions—one for each member of the family. Put them on each plate at the table, so everybody can scratch off before dinner. Or, make your own fun scratch-off tickets!




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