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I am a forty-eight year old Mexican-American woman, mother of two, grandmother of two adorable grandchildren, and wife of thirty-one years, to my high-school sweetheart. I consider being raised in a border town community, being not only bilingual and bicultural - but also having the special insight of being culturally competent - a blessing.

Having experienced first hand the opportunity of living amongst poverty and experiencing all the socio-economic disadvantages associated with this groups underprivileged position and status, I feel I have the personal linguistic and cultural insight to be one that can help uplift many individuals from their disadvantaged socio-economic position.   In addition, having almost twenty years of healthcare reimbursement experience, and having focused my graduate studies on cultural competence in medical practice, has provided for me, the professional and academic support, that race and ethnicity among U.S. populations, correlate persistently with health disparities. So how are we to deal with these disparities? By becoming more involved in the recreation of the planet, through edifying works, the physical health disparities may possibly be transformed. But before this can take place, humanity must first transform the moral, spiritual, and social health of the planet, something I have definite plans of contributing to during my lifetime. Your scholarship program can help make this happen for me.

My degrees (I will humbly mention, all three, were Magna Cum Laude) from the University of California, Irvine, and Los Angeles campuses, with majors in Anthropology, Social Science, and Latin American Studies I credit to Divine Providence as they were the result of awarded scholarships and fellowships that made it all possible for me. Thus far, my most significant academic accomplishment has been my induction as an honorary member to the highly distinguished Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

I have enjoyed the blessed spiritual journey life has offered me, with its hardships and its triumphs, with its sorrows and its joys, and particularly traveling to distant lands, meeting new friends, and learning from their different cultural experiences.  While my faith and my family have been central pillars in my life, I am now (that my children have grown) in a position to dedicate myself more completely to the service of others. In addition, my husband is looking forward to retirement in a few years and we have both considered the service of the underprivileged as a way of making our post-retirement years most productive and meaningful. This new opportunity, to accomplish my academic preparation online and with the much needed financial support, would be a dream come true for me.

By learning to manage a Non-Profit Organization with a Doctorate degree in Human Services Management, I will help empower those with genuine need in a way that encourages them in a dignified way. In many cases, it is shown that many such beneficiaries go on to serve in similar community or global service projects. While I already possess the human and spiritual passion, knowledge, and skills to serve others, I lack adequate specific academic preparation in Non-Profit Management. The focused academic program with its valuable lessons would provide for me the necessary skills to help empower underprivileged men, women and children of all ages, through education and sustainable development projects. I believe I have what is required to complete such rigorous academic program.

Whether or not you find me to be a good match for your scholarship program, I commend you for your outstanding work and dedication. I know it will be a blessed soul that is awarded such honor and I know this soul will always reciprocate your noble decision, in the favor of others.  I wish these individuals great success in their academic, professional, and civic endeavors as well as genuine discernment for the committee in charge of making the awards-decisions. 

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