• In Dallas, Habitat families are selected based on need and the ability to pay a $900 escrow payment and the mortgage. The $55,000 homes are financed interest-free over 25 years.

  • Families must give 400 hours of sweat equity, including 100 hours building their own home.

  • Families must have been Dallas County residents for a year, have one to 8 persons, and have steady income for two years.

  • If families do not make their payments, Habitat will take back their house.

  • Habitat is a Christian organization, but Habitat families are selected without regard to race, religion, or ethnicity. Nationally, one-third of Habitat owners are Anglo, and two-thirds are people of color. In Dallas, 70 percent are Hispanic and 29 percent are African American.

  • Houses are built with donated materials and volunteer labor from individuals, churches, foundations, and corporations.
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