How I Met Your Mother actress Alyson Hannigan is teaming up with TYLENOL and the Smiling it Forward campaign with the goal to “help raise awareness and money to help children across the country have access to healthcare.”

The American Pie star opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her two daughters - Satyana, 4, and Keeva, 18 months – with husband of 10 years, fellow Buffy alum Alexis Denisof. She admits that “having two is a lot harder,” and reveals how they prepared Sati for big sisterhood. Alyson goes on to talk about her goal to stay working in television after the ninth and final “bittersweet” season of HIMYM.

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with TYLENOL® on the SMILING IT FORWARD™ campaign. What is it all about and how can we get involved?

AH: “I’m so happy to be partnering with TYLENOL® on the SMILING IT FORWARD™ campaign because the goal is to help bring healthy, ‘feel better’ smiles to kids all across the country.

We’re asking people to go to SmilingitForward.com and upload a photo that makes them smile. For each photo uploaded, TYLENOL will donate $1 to Children’s Health Fund, an organization that gives free healthcare to kids who need it. All children deserve great healthcare. I’m having so much fun seeing all the great photos go up on the site – who doesn’t want to share cute pictures of their kids and family?!”

CBS: The campaign benefits the Children’s Health Fund. How do you make your own kids smile and provide comfort when they are sick?

AH: “When my girls are sick, we cuddle a lot and wrap up in our favorite blanket and read books. There are lots of hugs. There is nothing like that smile a child makes after she has been sick – when you see it, you just know everything is going to be okay.

Actually, Keeva is teething right now and I feel so bad for her. I’m a bit more relaxed though now that it is my second child. With my first, I was calling the pediatrician all the time to make sure that everything was okay. I remember when Satyana was teething I took her into the doctor’s office and the doctor just looked at me and said, ‘Alyson, if she’s in pain, you just give her TYLENOL.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, so she doesn’t have to be in pain!?’ It was a big ‘aha’ moment for me.”

CBS: How are your daughters doing?

What are they into these days? What do they do to make you laugh?

AH: “Being a mom is simply the best thing I have ever done. My kids make me laugh and smile every day. Satyana is very into dressing herself and everything has to be bright pink or purple. If it glows or is shiny that is even better. If you need sunglasses to look at her outfit, you know that’s a good outfit. Her choices are not always the fashion choices I would make, but they always make me smile!”

CBS: In the recent pics we’ve seen of Keeva, she looks just like her big sister! Would you agree? Is she similar to Satyana in other ways?

AH: “They look really different to me, but I look at them every day. Keeva really wants to be like her big sister and follows Sati around — she’s always watching her. At this point, they really get along and love being together which is great.”

CBS: How have you and Alexis adjusted to having two children? Was it a huge adjustment? Or did you feel the bigger adjustment was with baby No. 1?

AH: “Having two is a lot harder! When I only had one, I thought I was busy, but now that time seems like a piece of cake. I’m an only child so the biggest thing for me was making sure that Sati was ready and excited for a new baby sister. Someone gave me this great advice to give the older sibling a gift but say it is from the baby. We were planning on getting a swing set for the backyard, so we did that but said it was from the baby. Sati immediately thought having a baby sister was the best!”

CBS: How are things over at How I Met Your Mother? Are you sad it is ending? What’s up next for you?

AH: “This last season is really bittersweet. I will miss everyone for sure, but I’m glad we get to have a ninth season so that the writers can give the show the send off it deserves.

I love working in television and I am taking meetings and thinking about developing another show.

So I’m finishing the series and developing another show and excited to be able to contribute to great programs like working with TYLENOL on SMILING IT FORWARD where I get to help raise awareness and money to help children across the country have access to healthcare. So don’t forget to share your favorite smile photos today at SmilingItForward.com.”

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